Conditioned to be a Cuckold

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It was obvious that Laurie loved the power and control that she had over me. And she loved teasing me, a previously sheltered religious kid, even more.

She asked, “how did your cum taste?”

I truthfully told her that it honestly didn’t taste like much of anything.

“What, you can’t taste it?” she questioned.

“Not really, I didn’t taste anything,” I said.

She seemed puzzled by my opinion. Nevertheless, she continued barely feathering the underside of my penis, the most sensitive area on my penis, as she continued her description of the events of barely one hour ago.

“As soon as he was in me, it occurred to me that he didn’t have a condom on.” “So I freaked out and told him that he better not cum inside of me,” Laurie said. “But he couldn’t give a shit and he kept driving his big, fat cock into me.” She continued, “I kept telling him, don’t fucking cum inside of me Greg.” She annoyingly added, “But once he starts going, I know there’s no way he can stop.”

Laurie’s voice seemed to get more animated when she said, “Two seconds later he was burying his big cock all the in me and groaning, and I felt his cock start to m start to spurt.” Laurie said, “at that point, I didn’t really care . . . I was just glad that his big cock wasn’t hurting me anymore.” “Besides,” she added, “he’s cum inside me so many times before, it’s no big deal.”

I couldn’t help it. I, again, was having another orgasm. Laurie again squeezed the base of my cock and stopped the eruption.

Again she scooped the bit of semen that escaped to the top and put it in my mouth and asked, “can you taste it now?”

I just couldn’t taste much of anything this second time and I told her as much.

Frustrated, Laurie said, “fuck, I can’t believe you can’t taste it!” So told me that it was an acquired taste for her but that she was okay with it now.

Then Laurie got that devilish gleam in her eye. She was determined to show me why she didn’t like the taste of semen initially. Laurie whispered in my ear, “what if I were to tell you that I was thinking of maybe taking my top off and letting you play with my tits, and if you’re gentle, I’ll stroke you off.”

I immediately begged, “yes, please, please, please.” Nobody, besides myself of course, had ever stroked me off to orgasm. However, she added, “but you have to eat my pussy first.”

I had a huge dilemma. I wanted to play with Laurie’s amazing tits more than I wanted life itself . . . and getting stroked off by Laurie too? I couldn’t think of anything better. And I didn’t mind the opportunity to eat Laurie’s pussy . . . but Laurie just got through telling me that Greg had just deposited a load of his semen in her merely half an hour or so ago.

Without giving me a chance to think too much, Laurie sat back, twisted her body, laid back and raised her legs so that her left foot was on the head rest of my seat and her right foot was on the dash board. She didn’t have any panties on and this position left her pussy totally exposed. Only this time, her shaved pussy looked quite different. Instead of being a tight slit, her pussy was open. What’s more, her vagina appeared to have a gaping hole in the middle, which I thought was due to Greg’s big penis penetrating her. And there was clear fluid all around her pussy and even down the inside of her thighs.

I didn’t want to get near Greg’s semen, but before I could react, Laurie reached out and gently moved my head into position. “Lick it Mark . . . come on, its okay, lick it baby,” Laurie exhorted me.

I resisted.

But Laurie pushed my head down to her pussy saying, “come on, do it . . . you know you want to.” Laurie continued to push my head down to her pussy as she urged me to get into the task.

“Lick it” she demanded. “That’s it Mark . . . keep it up . . . mmmm.”

Laurie seemed to be truly enjoying herself. Then I felt Laurie contracting her pussy, and the same time she commanded, “suck it up . . . suck it up . . . keep sucking and licking . . . stick your tongue as far down as you can and keep sucking and swallowing.”

I could definitely taste the pungent taste of semen mixed with Laurie’s pussy juice.

As I was really getting into giving my first oral sex, I heard Laurie start to giggle. I thought she was giggling because she was enjoying my tongue work. But she kept giggling while cheering me on, “lick it . . . suck it . . . yeah.” Then she’d giggle some more.

After 10 minutes of my giving Laurie oral, the first thing she said after she had an orgasm was, “oh my God Markie, I can’t believe I just got you to eat my pussy after Greg just filled it with his cum!” She added, “wow, you must really love me!”

She was right; I was totally smitten by her beauty as well as her control. She had me.

Then she asked, “so how did Greg’s cum taste?” Before I could even answer, she asked, “did you taste it? “Tell me how it tasted?”

I was embarrassed to tell her that it tasted okay to me . . . honestly neither good nor bad really. However, to agree with her that the taste was unpleasant, and to sound more masculine, I told her, “it was some nasty stuff, but your pussy juice was tasty.”

She busted out laughing. She literally couldn’t stop laughing at me with that devil grin of hers. She said, “get out of here, you can’t tell the difference between my pussy juice and Greg’s cum, and besides, 95% of what you just ate was Greg’s semen . . . he cums like a ton . . . it leaks out of me for hours afterwards!”

She wanted to make sure that I was well aware of what I’d just done, “oh my God, you just swallowed a bunch of Greg’s semen.” “But don’t worry,” she cautioned, “I won’t tell Greg!” She kept laughing.

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