Conditioned to be a Cuckold

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I was still sitting with my hands behind my back and Laurie leaned over and whispered, “You are still not allowed to touch me, but you can free your hands and, if you want, you can touch yourself.”

I was not about to play with myself in front of a total hottie; that was something I did solely in private. I thought it was weird that she would want to see me play with myself, so I assumed it was another bizarre test of hers.

She continued, “Mark, if you stroke your cock, I just might show you my pussy.”

I was speechless. Was she for real? Why the hell would she want to see me stroke my cock? Damn, I thought, “how humiliating to masturbate in front of someone else.”

“Mark, you passed my test . . . now have you ever seen a real pussy?” Laurie inquired.

I was embarrassed to answer, so I said nothing.

She kept whispering in my ear, “Mark, I know that you jerk off thinking about me . . . so why not jerk off now while you get a glimpse of my pussy?”

I was frozen. I desperately wanted to see her pussy, but I was mortified at the thought of masturbating in front of her.

But Laurie was unrelenting, “go ahead and stroke your cute, little cock . . . and I’ll show you my pussy.”

I wanted to see her shaved vagina so much that I reluctantly zipped open the fly of my Dockers and released my 5″ penis.

Laurie leaned back into her seat and with her devilish grin, she laughing said, “go ahead and stroke yourself Mark; I know you want to.”

I gingerly grabbed my penis and began to slowly stroke it.

Laurie knew that my stroking was far too passive, and she blurted out, “come on, be a man and stroke that cute, little cock!”

In response, I started stroking in earnest. Laurie lifted her short skirt, and revealed a red thong. As I masturbated in front of her, she laughed while she pulled her thong to one side.

I saw my first pussy . . . and it was so incredibly beautiful. I immediately started having an orgasm. Sperm was flying as Laurie screamed and laughed at the same time.

She continued to tease me by laughingly asking, “Wow Markie, how long did that take you, all of 15 seconds?”

(To be continued in Part II)

Conditioned to be a Cuckold Ch. 02

[This is Part II of “Conditioned To Be A Cuckold.” To understand this submission, which is 100% true, you really must read Part 1. If you did not enjoy Part 1, then read no further. If, however, Part 1 piqued your interest, then you may enjoy reading Part II below.]

The next week at school, as I was walking out to the parking lot to get into my car to go home, I noticed that Laurie was standing with Greg up against his black Camero. While Greg seemed to scowl at me, Laurie cheerfully yelled, “hi Markie!”

I waived and said something real articulate like, “hey,” as I continued on my way toward my car.

Seeing that I was trying to flee the scene, Laurie yelled, “Mark, don’t be rude, come on over and say hello.”

I felt stupid, but thought that I needed to talk to Greg and Laurie to show Laurie that I was not “jealous and weird.”

Greg was nearly 6′-5,” weighed about 250 lbs., and there was absolutely no doubt in anyone’s mind that he could have easily kicked my ass. Greg was a starting forward on our High School basketball team. I hated feeling inferior to Greg.

As I approached Greg and Laurie, I noticed that they were standing real close to each other. And then I noticed that he was slightly behind her and it appeared that his left hand was either in his left, front pocket or it was resting on her ass. Greg didn’t say a word, as he continued to smoke his cigarette. I was trying to look Laurie in the eye, but my peripheral vision was focus on Greg’s left hand as it appeared to possibly be massaging Laurie’s ass. Laurie pretended not to notice Greg’s hand, as she asked how my classes were going and what I was up to.

It was then that I noticed that Laurie’s nipples were protruding prominently from her snug fitting yellow top. I was May in the Bay Area, around 3:00 pm, and it was nearly 80 degrees outside. So my mind was trying to process why her nipples would be so aroused.

After Laurie asked another trivial question of me, and then I watched as Greg remove the cigarette from his mouth with his right hand and he gently put in Laurie’s mouth. Without hesitating, she took a long drag and then smilingly looked back to Greg and said, “thanks babe.”

Oh my God, I nearly fainted with jealousy. I must have turned bright red, but I was pretending not to be jealous. By now, I couldn’t help but look down in the direction of Greg’s left hand, and I didn’t care that they saw what I was looking at. I had to know.

Sure enough, his left hand was fondling Laurie’s left ass cheek right in front of me. And she was letting him. Intense pangs of jealously were shooting though me, but I prayed they were not be noticed.

Laurie asked if I was going to the high school basketball game that night, and in the middle of my ambiguous response, I saw Greg’s left hand come up from Laurie’s ass and he rested his elbow on her left shoulder. When Greg relaxed his left arm, his left hand appeared to be dangling at the exact height of Laurie’s left breast. I tried like hell to pretend that I didn’t notice what he was obviously doing. As Laurie was trying to convince me to go to the game since a lot of our mutual friends would be there, Greg cupped Laurie’s left breast right in front of me.

For a couple of seconds, Laurie pretended not to notice, but then she nonchalantly moved his large hand away and said, “Greg, be cool.” While I tried to end the conversation, she kept a hold of Greg’s left hand with her hand.

I got out of there as quickly as I could. As I drove away, I was furious. It was Friday afternoon, and I would normally be excited for the weekend to start, but I was seriously depressed. I decided that I would confront Laurie that night, even thought I suspected that she would consider my concerns to be obvious signs of my “jealously.” At that point, I was so upset that I didn’t care.

Not having anything else to do that night, and knowing that Laurie would be at the varsity hoops game, I decided to go to the game. Plus, I knew that Greg would be playing in the game so he wouldn’t be sitting with Laurie. I was hoping to confront Laurie about her relationship with Greg after the game, if I could get her alone.

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