Conditioned to be a Cuckold

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Laurie claimed that there was nothing bothering her. Perhaps it was me that was preoccupied because she sensed that something was different. She knew that it bothered me that she was talking to Greg still, but she told me that I was going to “turn into the jealous type,” we’d need to give our relationship a break.

Once again, I had no alternative but to insist that I was not jealous and that if she was out with Greg the night before, “it was cool with me.”

Laurie suddenly grinned brightly and leaned over and hugged and kissed me and thanked me for being understanding.

Later that night, Laurie asked me if I’d ever drink alcohol. I had not, and I admitted it. She then said that she was going to end my “alcohol virginity.” I had my first beer that night. Laurie drank wine, while I had 3 Budweiser beers. Laurie was proud of me for stepping out from under my strict religious upbringing.

I was feeling fewer inhibitions, and while we were kissing in the back seat of my car, I moved my right hand down from her shoulder and lowered it to top area. Even though it was over her top and bra, it still felt great to have my right hand on her left breast. I was literally shaking.

While laughing at the trembling in my hands, she moved my hand away after she me feel her breast for a few seconds. She then asked sarcastically, “what, do you think you’re going to lose your alcohol virginity and your sexual virginity on the same night?” She laughed out loud so hard that she pushed me away so that she could laugh at me good and hard. After she’d calmed down, I think she felt sorry for me. She asked me if I’d ever seen a girl’s “tits” before. I admitted that I had not in real life, only magazines.

Laurie pushed me over onto my side of the back seat and she told me that since I’d agreed to drink with her, she was going to “give me a treat.” But before, she said that she didn’t know if I’d be able to restrain myself so she made me sit in left, back seat and she put the seat belt on me. She cautioned that if I released the belt, the “treat” would be over.

Once I agreed to not move, and to remain restrained by the seat belt, Laurie moved as far away as possible, by sitting in the right, rear seat. She starred directly into my eyes while she reached down and slowly pulled her snug fitting top over her head. There, before my straining eyes, was Laurie’s bra, which seemed to barely harness her large breasts. The bra seemed so tight, that the tops of her boobs were spilling out of the top of it. Fortunately, we were parked in a parking lot that had good lighting. It was an incredible sight.

Laurie knew that I loved the sight of her bra covered breasts. She looking at my eyes, Laurie reached for my right hand and placed it up against her bra. I immediately squeezed her large, bra covered breast. It was awesome. I begged her to remove her bra. She agreed on the condition that I again promise that I would not get “jealous and weird” of Greg, who was just “a friend.”

I would have agreed to anything and immediately said, “of course.”

So Laurie reached behind her back and unhooked her bra strap. She slowly removed her bra, and I’ll never forget her big boobs bouncing as she unleashed her 32 D cup breasts. Then I instantly noticed that her areolas were super large.

I’d seen lots of naked breasts in magazines, but the size of her nipples and areolas were amazingly large. They looked to be easily 2 inches in diameter. To be honest, I thought that her areolas were so large that they looked unusual. But then given the size of her big breasts, I’ll never forget thinking, “well, all big breasted women must all have big nipples.”

Anticipating that I was focused and starring at her large nipples, she said, “guys seem to love my big tits and big areolas.”

When I said, “oh my God they look awesome,” Laurie erupted in laughter again, causing her boobs to bounce on her chest. It was an amazing sight. Up to that point in my life, I’d never been more fascinated with a visual sight than that.

Then I noticed a number of marks on her boobs. I asked her what the marks were. She seemed annoyed by the naïve question and immediately blurted out, “oh my God, I thought you agreed not to be jealous!”

As soon as my brain processed her comment, it occurred to me that the marks may have hickeys. An “oh” must have escaped from me.

Laurie had all of the control in our relationship and she asserted it again by saying, “listen Markie [her pet name for me], if you’re going to be jealous, you know that I’ll have to put the breaks on seeing you, right?”

Again, I said, “I know our agreement and I’m not jealous . . . I swear, I just didn’t know what the marks were.”

Laurie said, “sure Mark.”

I quickly apologized. And I tried to again insist that I was not jealous since I didn’t want to do anything to hamper our relationship.

Laurie then said she thought we would need to just be friends for a while. I assured her that I was not jealous.

In response, Laurie said that she believed I was, but that she could “test” my claims of not being jealous. She said she wanted to be sure that I was not going to be jealous because she couldn’t take having to deal with another jealous, controlling guy. She told me that I was likely going to fail her “jealousy test,” and that most guys would.

I confidently assured Laurie I would easily pass her test.

Laurie then demanded that I remain restrained and put my hands behind my back. With that, Laurie sat back in her seat, and folded her arms under her big breasts, which only made them push out even more prominently. Looking directly into my eyes, Laurie leaned forward so that I could see her boobs up close (I was still restrained by the seat belt), and she asked, “do you know what the marks on my tits are from?”

As I starred up close to the amazing sight, I replied, “no” (even though I was praying it was not from Greg).

Laurie continued to look me right in the eyes and said, “last night, Greg and I went to the beach to smoke the rest of his pot, and he gave me the hickeys. Yes, those are hickeys from Greg sucking on my tits last night.”

Laurie then waited to gauge my reaction. Now, however, her eyes alternated looking at my eyes and my erection. She added, “I told Greg not to suck them so hard in one place because it would leave a hickey, but I think he wanted to put the hickeys all over me.”

Laurie then noticed that my penis jumped. She got an evil smile on her face. She slowly reached over and gently rested her hand on the tent that had developed in my Dockers.

Laurie continued, “Greg sucked on my nipples so much that they are still very tender tonight, but thank God they are already dark or you’d see huge hickeys there too.”

Again, I have no idea why, but my penis jumped twice. I was rock hard. Laurie again grinned devilishly.

Laurie then asked, “now Markie, does it make you jealous or mad that another guy was sucking on my tits last night?”

I was insanely jealous, but my cock was undeniably totally erect. I didn’t answer, but she didn’t let me off the hook.

She repeated the question, to which I responded, “Oh, I’m just amazed at your fantastic breasts . . . and no I’m not jealous.”

Laurie got that devilish grin again. “Are you sure you’re not jealous of Greg?”

I lied again, “no, it’s cool.”

Laurie then whispered into my ear, “Markie, your cock is cute . . . it’s small, but it’s cute.”

I didn’t know what “cute” meant, but the small comment was embarrassing. I was speechless. Up till that point in time, I assumed I was average. Her devilish grin remained on her face as she was clearly enjoying tormenting me.

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