Conditioned to be a Cuckold

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My name is Mark and I’m a 38 year old, 5′-9″ tall, 175 lb. guy who has been happily married for 9 years to the same beautiful, blonde haired, blue eyed woman named Laurie. Before I get too far into this narrative, I want to say up front that this is not a fictional story intended simply to arouse the reader; but rather, this is an accurate account of the circumstances of my individual sexual experience. I am a successful corporate executive and I work in the financial services industry in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Now I will describe my wife Laurie. She has always been obsessed with her weight and she is a total fitness chick. She works out religiously at least 60 minutes every day. Even when we’re on vacation, she either finds a gym to work out at, or she goes for a run. She has a stunning figure.

Laurie and I are both 5-9″ tall. Since Laurie enjoys wearing heals, and because she is a slender 126 lbs., she is actually appears to be two or three inches taller than I am when we’re out together. As a result, most of my friends believe that Laurie is taller than I am. Laurie is two years younger than I am (36 years young). Because Laurie has always avoided the sun, and due to excellent genes resulting in amazing skin, she really looks to be 27 or 28 years old. All of our friends believe that she is 10 years younger than I am.

Laurie is extremely concerned with her appearance. She has had two cosmetic surgeries, both of which I didn’t think she needed at all. She had some tiny wrinkles around her eyes (I never noticed them, but she did) removed. And when she was 30 she had her boobs, that had started to sag slightly, firmed up. At the time she had her boobs lifted, she also had them slightly augmented (again, not necessary as she has always had big boobs). As a result, given her otherwise petite frame, her size D breasts look very large on her. This causes most men to stare at her chest when she wears tight fitting tops.

I first met Laurie in High School in San Francisco, California when I was a senior and she was a sophomore. She ran track in High School, and she said that during that time she felt too tall, and she felt like her boobs were too large for her slender frame. I have always been attracted to girls with nice racks, so I took notice of Laurie when we first meet in a coed tennis class. She had a boyfriend at the time, a tall, basketball player named Greg who, like me, was also a senior.

I flirted with Laurie early and often during that tennis class. I thought about her constantly. She seemed to enjoy the extra attention. Our tennis class ended at noon. She knew that I always went off campus to lunch and one day she asked me if she could go with my buddy and me to lunch since she didn’t have either a license or a car. Of course, I encouraged her to come with us, and I was happy that she joined us. During that tennis class, Laurie joined us at lunch a couple of times a week. I discovered that she usually joined us when her boyfriend Greg was doing his own thing for lunch. That was fine with me.

Toward the end of the semester, Laurie broke up with her boyfriend Greg. She told me that she needed some “space” from Greg and she said that he was “getting too controlling.” She added that he was also jealous and she thought it best to give their relationship a break.

Within a week or two, I had asked her out to dinner and a movie. She declined, but was nice about it. Therefore, I asked her out the next weekend. Again she declined but this time it was more reluctant than an outright shoot down. So I asked her out again. The third time she didn’t decline, but it was more like an acceptance based either on pity or so that I would continue to take her off campus to lunch with me. Perhaps she just didn’t want to lose her meal ticket. Either way, I was delighted because she accepted.

However, Laurie said that she had two conditions before she would go out with me. I wanted desperately to go out with her, so I would have agreed to pretty much anything. Her first condition was that since she had just put the brakes on her relationship with a controlling guy (Greg), she said that she’d only go out with me if I agreed never to be “the jealous, controlling type.”

To be honest, I didn’t know if I was a jealous or controlling type guy, but I immediately assured her that I was neither. Her second condition was that I wear some shoes with large heels because she didn’t want to be “way taller” than I was. I told her that I wouldn’t wear my tennis shoes, and that I had a pair of dress boots with 1 ½” heels.

Our first date was really fun. Laurie was energetic, exciting, and incredibly attractive. She wore a tight white top that really showed off her amazing breasts. It seemed like every guy looked at her. I felt so proud and lucky to be going out with such a hot girl that I didn’t care that all eyes were on her.

Despite being 2 years younger, I knew that Laurie had dated a lot more than I had. She had a number of prior steady boyfriends. And she was just more experienced in the ways of the world. For example, Laurie drank alcohol (I never had at that point), she could swear better than I could, and she was just more worldly in general. Admittedly, I had lead a pretty sheltered life having been raised in a strict religious household, which Laurie said was “sort of charming.”

She let me kiss her at the end of our first date, but she quickly ended the kiss after just a second or two. That was okay with me, I’d kissed Laurie!

We continued to date once a week for the next month. I’d have gone out every night with her, but Laurie was only free about one night a week. During that time, her old boyfriend Greg was continually trying to get back together her. It drove him crazy that I was going out with her. And, of course, it pissed me off to no end that he was continually trying to win her back. Since Greg was more popular than I was, it drove me nuts that he was still after her.

One afternoon, one of my buddies told me that he’d seen Laurie driving around with Greg in his Mustang. I knew that Laurie loved Greg’s car, and she loved that Greg’s parents were wealthy and that Greg always had money.

Trying to appear to be neither “jealous” nor “controlling,” when I saw Laurie later that evening, I asked her if she’d been out with Greg. I’ll never forget her response.

Without hesitating she said, “Oh brother, are you jealous just because Greg drove me home?”

I lied to her by saying, “no, I was just curious. It’s no big deal.”

She knew better and replied, “Sure.” She then admitted that one of the reasons she allowed him to drive her home is because he told her that he had some great pot and he knew that she loved to smoke weed from time-to-time.

Since I was raised in a strict household, I had no clue about drugs. Nevertheless, I didn’t want to appear naïve, so I told her that I had no problem with her and Greg smoking a little pot. Of course, I was lying and it was killing me inside that she was still hanging out with Greg.

Laurie’s knew that it bothered me despite my claims to the contrary. However, she merely said, “You told me you were not the jealous type, remember?”

I had no choice but to respond, “Hey look, it’s no big deal.”

Nevertheless, I was unable to sleep that night knowing that Laurie was hanging out with Greg and smoking pot with him.

That Friday night, I asked Laurie out again. She told me that she could go out Saturday night, but that she couldn’t go out Friday night as she had other “plans.”

I suspected that she was going out to smoke some more pot with Greg. But I didn’t ask any questions for fear that she’d break things off with me for being jealous or controlling. So I couldn’t say anything, even though it was torture for me whenever I thought of her possibly being with Greg.

Friday night I went out with my buddies, but I couldn’t think of anything other than where Laurie was. Time crawled that night.

Saturday night finally rolled around and I picked Laurie up in my Volkswagen. We had a good time, but Laurie seemed distant. It was like she wanted to be somewhere else. So I asked her if anything was bothering her.

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