Class Room

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Sofia continued to stand near the door for about 20 seconds as they both looked in each other’s eyes. A new idea entered Sofia’s mind and she looked at her teacher from top to bottom, pausing on his waistline”

“Mr.Evans..” Sofia continued in a fresh sexy voice “…when I said anything, I meant anything” She said almost growling as she grabbed his hand and quickly brought it to her breast. George’s knees started to tremble with fear and his body started to shake. He never expected his student to do this, when a sudden insight worked in his mind. He understood what she meant by “everything” To pass his physics class she was ready to have sex with him, her teacher, and she knew that then he would have to give her a better grade. Ambivalent surge of guilt versus passion raced through George’s mind as Sofia continued to rub his hand against the silky material that covered her firm breast. I can’t cheat on my wife, George’s loyal self told him. But you must!!! His lustful self screamed to him. Your wife will never find out! You cannot miss this opportunity!!! His instincts fought a battle with his logic and he was afraid one of them might lose, and he desired the other would win. The sexual monster in him has been awakened by the touch of his student’s passionate breasts.

“Mr.Evans, take me…….please” Sofia asked coldly “you must”

Passion has triumphed over logic and George knew he was gonna go for it. Nothing could stop him now as his dropped his backpack to the floor and quickly attached his lips to his student’s. It felt so different from his wife. In a way he felt young again because he saw a young creature in front of him. It was a source of infinite power for him. He felt her tongue with his, he felt her tongue, her teeth, her moisture in his mouth. It was delicious.

“Take of your fucking clothes!” George growled at Sofia as he slid his hands under her sweater and felt her bra that held two of the sweetest melons in the world. They stood glued to each other as she threw down her denim jacket.

“Get on the desk sweetie” George ordered Sofia pointing to the empty desk that stood not far from the window through which he was daydreaming 30 minutes ago.

Sofia laid on her back on the hard wooden desk as her teacher leaned over her and started to undress her savagely. He desired to suck her breasts, suck her vagina, and lick her all over. Her sweater was flying into the other corner of the room and hair now was free from the brooches she wore. She had sexy hair George thought as he touched it and threw it to sides. You would never guess how long it was until you liberated it.

As George took off his shirt to reveal his majestic hairy chest to his lover, Sofia felt the wetness form in her panties. When she decided she would do this she thought it would be quick and not-passionate affair for her grade, but now she saw she was wrong. She knew she would enjoy being fucked by her sexy teacher as her pussy became itchier and itchier with wetness. Her face was red from shame.

Now she could feel George’s chest hair rub against her stomach as her fondled her two succulent boobs with his tongue. He unzipped the bra behind her back to reveal two pink nipples that were growing in size in front of his eyes. This truly turned him on. As he sucked on them he wished sweet milk came from them into his mouth, but what was in front of him was enough. The smell from her armpits drove him nuts. It smells very differently on a woman, he just wanted to eat her whole. When he raised his eyes and looked at her as his mouth was sucking on her nipples, he saw her chin and he sensed her breathing heavily. Around her neck was dangling a silver chain with a little cross on it.

“Oh Mr.Evans, oh my god, what are we doing? This was such a crazy idea, I am sorry……oooh” mumbled Sofia through her moans.

“Don’t say anything Sofia, what matters now is us, it wasn’t such a bad idea after all. Oh baby, you turn me on so good.” He told her. George raised his upper body from his student’s breasts. He unbuckled his belt and unzipped his yellow khakis causing his pants to fall down to the floor. He quickly moved to the opposite side of the table on which young girl’s body was laying so that her head was right under his cock and balls.

“You asked for it Sofia, now take it into your mouth! Suck me! Suck my balls!”

Sofia suddenly refused “no Mr.Evans, we didn’t agree to this……”

“You want to pass this class? Huh you little bitch? Then do what you’re told.”

After these words Sofia readily took Georges nuts into her mouth and pulled his skin with her lip, then fitting all of his nutsack in her mouth she teased him with her tongue.”

Although she didn’t want to do it at first, Sofia knew deep inside that she enjoyed this immensely. She felt safe with this older man who was her teacher. She wanted to please him, she would do anything.

“Oh my god, that’s good Sofia” said George “now please suck my cock”

He pulled his nuts out of her mouth and replaced it with his huge erect dick. He moved it up and down her mouth so that his balls jumped on in front of her eyes. He wanted to shove it in deeper and to see how deep it would go. As he pushed his penis into Sofia’s mouth, he felt his head touch her throat. This was heaven. When he did this, he never stopped playing with her long black hair. Her spit enveloped his cock in a coat of extreme pleasure. George all forgot about his wife. Sofia’s hand went under her jeans and to her wet vagina. She had to pleasure herself, she could not resist. George saw her hand and took out his throbbing cock out of Sofia’s mouth.

“So, let’s get to business, my student, huh?” He told Sofia as he went back to the side of the table where Sofia’s legs were. He quickly pulled her jeans off her to reveal her white panties. He could see the tempting black pubic hair triangle through them.

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