Cathy’s Friend, Transsexual Mary

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“Yes my dear. I’ll prove to you that I’m good.” I then went back to sucking. But now I had to prove that I could make her cum. I licked the tip. I could feel how soft it was. The cool air had made it cold, and my warm mouth must have felt hot on her cock. I’ll win and I’ll get to fuck her. I pushed my face lower on her cock. It slid into my mouth. It felt so soft. Like I was sucking in cotton candy. I got about 5 inches of it in my mouth and I started to lick the underside. I could feel a pair of shaved balls. I lick them and pull my mouth off it. I licked her balls and started to suck them. I pulled one into my mouth and was using my hand on her cock. I licked my finger. I know that I loved to feel a finger go up my ass and I thought I would try that. That would make her cum.

My mouth went back to sucking. My head bobbed up and down. My finger went in and out. I thought, Once a cock sucker, always a cock sucker. Once you learn to suck you never forget it. I could feel her cock move. Soon, very soon she was going to cum. Then I would have this ass to fuck and use.

“Five….. Four….. Three….. Two……One… STOP. Times up. Open you mouth. Show me the inside of it.”

I lost. How could I lose. Mary pulled her cock out of my mouth. Empty once more.

“Please. Cathy. Let me. I know I can do it.”

“Sorry. A deal is a deal. Now I can watch my Daddy get fucked. Mary. Do your thing.”

Mary had me bend over the chair. She walked behind me. I could feel her pulling my white lace panties down. I felt her put some K Y in my asshole. It felt cold, but nice. I could hear her open a condom. I could hear her roll it on. Then I felt her cock on my ass. She had put some K Y on and she was pushing.

“Yes. Push harder. Fuck your…… Fuck your Daddy’s ass. Please more.” I was talking like a slut. I could remember what it felt like to get a cock up my ass once more.

“Think you could take it all?”

“Yes. Do it. Make me your slut. Oh it feels so nice. Harder.”

Mary was now fucking me like I have never been fucked before. Today was the day I fell in love with getting fucked. Not only did she fuck me but she made love to my ass. In and out. In and out.

Then I felt something on my cock. Mary had grabbed my cock and was jacking me off as she fucked me. In and out, and up and down. All at the same time.

“Is this what you have wanted. To get fucked in front of your own daughter. Is it, DADDY?”

I could hear Cathy. But I could not see her. I had my eyes closed as Mary fucked me. Faster and harder. Both with her cock and with her hand. This was like nothing I have ever felt. So deep. So hot. So hard. So nice. To feel a shaved cock once more in my ass. Her soft hand on my cock.

I could hear Mary. “I’m going to cum. I’m going to explode. I’m going to empty my balls.”

Mary pulled out and I felt her cum hit my ass. Hot cum running down my ass. Mary took her hand and was pulling her cock so it would empty on my ass. All the time she kept telling me.

“You have got one tight ass. DADDY. You have got one hot tight fucking ass.”

All this time Cathy sat and watched us. She had gotten a dildo and was busy herself. Fucking her pussy. Watching her father take it in his ass.

With short breath Cathy said.

“Daddy, next time I’ll watch you fuck Mary. OKAY?”

“Yes my dear sweet daughter. What ever you ask of me or tell me to do. I will.”

I hope you all enjoy this. Let me know.

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