Cathy’s Friend, Transsexual Mary

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“Good slaves are hard to come by. Look, he is about to cum right now. Should I let him? I THINK NOT.”

I had tears in my eyes. Cathy knew that I could not take anymore and stopped. Her hand was now rubbing my cock. I looked at Mary.

“Should I kiss it and make it all better?” I thought, why not. “No we can do other things to it. Come with me.”

After a few drinks Cathy stood and told Mary that, “Tonight is your night. I always wanted to watch you with one of my slaves. Do as you like for then next 2 hours. No marks, no blood. Other then that he is yours.”

Her eyes looked deep into my eyes. I could tell that this was something that she had wanted to see for a long long time. I looked at Mary. Her small smile was now big.

“Cathy, please I didn’t……” That was all I got out. My daughters hand slapped my face.

“Do as you are told. One day soon you will get what you want. But tonight you are hers. UNDERSTAND…..DADDY?” The look in her eyes told me that I better do as I was told.

“I love to call him that. It makes me feel evil, wicked, cruel and like a bitch. Look at him. He likes when I call him Daddy. DON”T YOU?”

“Yes My Mistress. Call me Daddy. I’m yours.”

Mary told me to take her bra off. My hands went to the front. It open with ease. Her breast come in view and her nipples got hard. I bent to kiss or suck them. But about half way to her she slapped me. FUCK. Now that hurt.

“Did I say you could kiss them? Or do you think I’m a slut that you can do what you like to? ANSWER ME.” With that I got slapped once more.

“No, you are not a slut. You are my Mistress.”

“You are fucking right. Now kneel and start from my feet and kiss them all the way to my panties.”

I knelt and started to kiss her feet. I started to go higher and higher. I was at her knee and I could start to see her cock. It was just now starting to grow. I licked my lips and went higher. As I got to her cock I looked up at her. My breathing was fast. My mouth dry. I went to say something.

“My I?” My eyes looking right into Mary’s eyes. “My I…. Kiss your?” I swallowed and then went back to saying. “My I kiss. Your?”

“Yes you my slave, DADDY. Kiss it all you like. pull my panties down and look at it. Hold it in your hand. Lick it and tell me how much you need it.”

I reached up with both hands and grabbed her panties. I pulled slowly down on them till they came free from her thighs. Now her shaved cock came into view. It was about 7″ long and hard as a rock. How did she hide it? It must have been in her panties all this time. But I could not see it.

Her “she” cock was sticking out in front of her. Long and hard. About as big around as three of my fingers at the first knuckle. About as big around as a half dollar. As I held it I felt the softness in it. But it was still hard. I licked my lips and bent forward to kiss it. I felt her pull back.

“Ask for it, Daddy. Beg for it, Daddy. Show me how much you need it, DADDY. You like it when I call you DADDY? Don’t you?”

“Yes I do. Could I kiss your she cock. Let your father suck it and put it in his mouth. I could please my.” I thought for the first time. I’m doing this in front of my own daughter. My little girl was going to watch me suck a she males cock. “I could please my …. little girl the way only a father could.” As I said that I looked at Cathy. She was sitting on the floor. Her fingers of her right hand was busy fucking her pussy. Two fingers busy fingering her cunt. I could see her eyes looking right at my mouth. I open my mouth and took her cock into it. I watched as her fingers moved faster and faster. I had about 3″ of cock in my mouth and I knew I had to have it all.

I started to use my mouth as a pussy. I was letting this she male use me. I knew that it was pleasing my daughter.

I pulled all the way back till her cock popped out of my mouth. “Yes fuck my mouth. Use it and make love to it. Let me please you with my mouth.”

I don’t know what felt better. Watching my daughter finger herself and the feeling I got from Mary fucking my mouth. Deeper and deeper her cock went. I could feel it hit the back of my throat. It has been years since I had felt that. I held on to her ass and went for the ride. Faster and faster she pumped into my face. If this is how a pussy felt getting fucked, then I’m a pussy.


That is all I heard. Mary’s cock pulled out of my mouth and I felt like I just had my heart ripped out. My mouth was empty. It felt all alone. Now I know how it felt to have a cock pulled from a pussy.

“Mary. You told me that you wanted to fuck him. Didn’t you?”

I looked back at Cathy and then at Mary. I knew that this was going to happen. But still I was not really thinking of it.

“Please let me suck her more. I need to feel it in my mouth. Please let me show you both how good I can be.”

Cathy just looked at me. Her eyes fixed on my mouth. Then her eyes went to my eyes. I knew that she was going to say yes.

“PLEASE ….. DAUGHTER MISTRESS. Let me show you how much I love you. Let me please this other woman.”

“OKAY, DADDY. Suck her cock. Prove to me that you can make her cum. If you can make her cum with your mouth. I’ll let you have her. BUT. If she does not cum in 3 minutes. Your ass is hers. OKAY? DADDY.”

I looked at Cathy. I knew that if I did as I was told it would please her. And that is what a father does for his daughter.

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