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A Baffling Shower

I shouldn’t have been there and undeniably I shouldn’t have stayed, but I simply got caught up in it all and simply froze. Although I was pretty drunk, I make no excuses, I was wrong and am completely embarrassed that things worked out as well as they did. My friend Mike had invited me to […]

Secretary Explored

Once I came in my friend’s office in the weekend: he answered not my phone calls, so I thought that maybe he`s at work. He have some typical secretary, her name is Olya, I saw her couple a times before. I called her typical cause she is beautiful, has a long perfect legs, blonde hair, […]

Pounding the Maid

This story is completely true. No parts of it are fictional. This is my first-time… It’s 1:00 pm and I’m checked in. It’s surreal, I can’t believe this is happening. I text him: “I have something for you, come see me at the hotel next to the mall”. I know he will come, I’ve been […]

A Plumber has a Huge Pipe

PJ was normally a shy person who lived in a small town. Living in a small town was like living in a glass house, so she had to mind her P’s and Q’s. Her husband’s parents are well respected in the community, so she would never dare to besmirch them or her husband’s good name. […]

The Red Miniskirt

My wife and I have been married for 25 years – she is 45 and I am 48. It took a little red skirt to bring us the sexual adventure of our lives. For our anniversary just over last autumn , I bought her a gold bracelet and booked a short country house break but […]

The Casting Couch

“Jeff, we can’t,” she told him as his fingers slowly lowered the zipper on her jean shorts. She whipered to him that this was as far as they could go. Frustration clouded his mind as he wanted to plow into the tease anyway. But his cooler head prevailed and as he noticed her toned abs […]

Pussycat Pussycat

I heard the solitary staccato of her stilettos coming up the street towards our little terrace house and peered at my watch. It was 5.30am. I let her fumble in her bag for her door key, and heard the lock turn gingerly as if she was trying to crack a safe with trembling hands. I […]

My Squirting Orgasm

My husband likes to get off hearing me tell stories of my past wild & kinky past erotic encounters! He especially enjoys stories involving people he knows! He really gets off on this one. Hopefully you will too! If so…. don’t forget to tell me all about it!!! Anyway, here it goes… I’ve squirted to […]

Helping My Mom’s Friend

This all started the day my mom walked into the bathroom just as I was stepping out of the shower. Now before you start with, ‘Oh, now he fucks his mom,’ no, that’s not it at all. So, let’s just start over. I was stepping out of the shower, my cock hanging down, as my […]

My First Real-Life CFNM Experience

I have been a cfnm fan for a long time, but didn’t know the term until I stumbled across some male stripper videos online, in which multiple guys were treated as sex objects by groups of cheering ladies, and I was jealous of those guys. I used to have fantasies about it when I was […]

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