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Naked and Wet in the Wooden Hot Tub

He rode into our valley in the late autumn of 1882. I was a mere lad then, barely tall enough to see over the old hay wagon. In the clear Colorado air, I could see his progress a mile away. At first glance, there seemed nothing remarkable about him, just another stray rider taking the […]

Virgin Man’s First Sex

This story happened not so long ago. I was 20 years old working as an intern for a communications company in New York City. At the time I was a student at NYU going to classes in the morning hours, and interning the rest of the afternoon. As an intern, I was basically a glorified […]

How My Wife Became a Swinger

Hello, my name is Jackson, Jack for short, and I’d like to tell you about my wife and I and how we became swingers. I’ve changed the names of people and places to preserve privacy. Just so you know this does involve male on male sex and inter course with a transsexual. So let me […]

Kiss, Lick, Suck, Fuck

Her name was Becky. She was tall, about 5′ 11″ to my 6′ 1″ frame. When we stood, we stared into each others eyes. She was full and big and beautiful. We were both college freshmen at Texas A&M, were both 18th at the time, and I was living at home with my parents. We […]

The Most Wonderful Mistake

Chapter 1 I had finally gotten to college. While growing up, my favorite television show was “How It’s Made,” a program that takes you through all the stages and steps required to manufacture a familiar, everyday product, all the way from a toothbrush to a grand piano. The complex machines used to make these products […]

Wife & The Doctor

My wife is originally from India. When I married her, she was in her early twenties and her family had just immigrated to the US. Having been raised in a conservative background, she was always very shy about her body. I was always looking for ways to make her less inhibited. I wanted her to […]

My Friend’s Grateful Wife

My good friend, Don, had been having trouble in his business recently and my wife and I had helped counsel Don and his wife Lisa through these troubled times and, eventually, even purchased part-ownership in the company which now, through a lot of hard work, was back on its feet and looked like it would […]

My Best Friend’s Sister

I have a smoking fetish, although I couldn’t tell you the exact date it started. I just found that one day anytime I saw a woman smoking a cigarette, I couldn’t help myself. I’d automatically picture her on her knees in front of me, wisps of smoke pouring from her mouth as she took a […]

Sex with Lady Boss

I work for a computer company in Lucknow as a project consultant. I wanted to share my experience of my relationship with my center manager, my boss, MRS. Sheetal. Sheetal is quite an arrogant boss who was a real pain in neck for all of us in office. In the month of April our company […]

A Daughter-in-Law’s Love

It had been a year since my father-in-law’s wife passed away. Ed, who is retired, was not handling the loss well. It had been years since Ed lived by himself. He was lonely and depressed. It was winter and my husband Jon suggested he take a break from the cold of Chicago and visit us […]

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