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A Play Date

The first time that my husband took control of my exhibitionism was on a “Play Date”. Our children were still young enough to require a babysitter. My husband had just started a new job, which didn’t pay all that well in the beginning. I was a stay at home mom. And we had just purchased […]

A Tale From My Past

About seven years ago I started seeing this Latino guy named Marco. I first met him at some dance I went to with my girlfriends. He hit on me a couple times, but I really wasn’t interested. He was on the short side, around 5’8″, and kind of goofy looking. I danced with him once […]

Bathing With Maria

It started long ago, and I’m glad it did. I realize that over the years, it has become a unique and very special aspect of our lovemaking. Fortunately, it is something that has always (thanks to Maria), managed to stay spontaneous, and has, more importantly, maintained its intense eroticism over the years. It seems simple […]

Another Night in July

Here it was, another Friday night In July, and I found myself fifty miles from home in heavy traffic. There was no way I would make it home before Sally had dinner ready. I knew she would really be disappointed. This was the night we had decided to play cards and maybe take some photos. […]

Lovely Siblings

“Okay, two more hours and then I should be done.” “Good for you!” Tom was typing furiously behind his computer, writing a mid-term paper that was due the next day. He wasn’t to blame for being such a procrastinator, after all who could be inspired by such a topic as “the economic evolution of Uganda.” […]

Office Fun Illustrated

The company that I worked for was renovating our offices, most people had taken leave rather than work in a mess so we were operating with just a skeleton staff. There were some important changes to be made to our computer system, as the painting contractors worked Monday to Friday my boss asked if I […]

My Horny Aunt and Her Amazing Nipples

This is tale, like all tales, is of the cautionary variety. I can only tell you what I’ve observed and what I’ve heard about my horny aunt. “You can’t choose your family,” my uncle often joked kiddingly at family functions. And it’s true, you can’t. I didn’t choose my aunt, she was just there. And […]

Ass Fucked by a Giant

She was a girl in a woman’s body although she was of legal age and her mother had warned her numerous times not to venture into the woods on her own as there were wild men, beasts and giants in there. But Tara never did as she was told. The sun was just beginning to […]

Panty Mouth

This is a 100% true and factual story. She was shaking, and looked like a nervous little peacock as she walked back to her car with her panties stuffed into her mouth. Her arms were folded under her breasts and she could see his car through the corner of her right eye as he drove […]

Secret Orgy Party

All the details are true, but the names have been changed for obvious reasons. Hank was transferring to a university to complete his college degree. His family’s house was close enough for him to commute back and forth an hour each way, but it would be difficult and time consuming especially during rush hour. Fortunately, […]

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