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A Masturbation Club

It all started when my sister in law, Gail, called and said our friend Alice had decided to supplement her income with something called Slumbertime Parties. She still had a 4 year old at home and was both bored and just a bit short on money for her personal self. I already knew that the […]

Our First Time with a Bigger Dildo

It’s been quite some time since I wrote a true story about my wife Kelly and I, as I’ve been more focused on a number of fictional projects that have been occupying my imagination. However, I’ve had the opportunity to have some fun experiences recently that beg to be shared. For those who may have […]

Wet Miranda Squirts

As much as I love to come, and as often as I masturbate, there was something that was still a mystery about the process until recently. I watched Rick jacking off one night, and I suddenly realized that men always shoot out something when they come, and women generally do not. I had heard that […]

Mom’s Dildo

It was a beautiful Sunday morning in early October. Sandy was awoken by the sounds of her shades being opened. Slowly she opened her eyes to she her mother in her room walking toward her. Sandy was 18 years old, a senior in high school and the only child to a single mother. She was […]

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