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Students & Masturbation

I was sitting in another dull class by Mr. Rubinstein. My heart, however, was pounding like a maniac. Next to me the boy was sitting I fell in love with, ever since I started following classes with him. If only he’d notice me! Today, I had made sure to put on an extra tight sweater […]

Introduction To Nipple Play

“Ouch,” I whined as Katherine turned the clamps one notch tighter. I had finally become accustomed to the pressure of the nipple clamps she had applied to my sensitive nubs; now she was turning them to increase the force they exerted. My body tensed and pain seethed through my chest, but somehow it felt erotic. […]

My Pussy My Pleasure

Hi everyone, my name is Katherine. I want to tell you all how I explored my body and how it gave me pleasure from when I was 18. Living in a home with two younger sisters and a brother, my alone time was limited to the moments of peace at bedtime. I would lie under […]

Inserting Them Deep

This story is intended for adults 21 and over only. If you are offended by graphic descriptions of a sexual nature, please don’t read this or download it. If this is illegal wherever you are reading, stop now. * * * * * Ever since that first day in the office when I caught my […]

A Full Body Massage

I show up to the apartment early. I’m pretty nervous. I’m not sure how far I want to go with this. My friend assured me it would totally be up to me. I contemplate just walking away but something makes me ring the doorbell instead. It’s soon opened by a tall, well-built man with short […]

Amy’s Tickling Panties

Amy crossed the street walking past the Blue Lagoon the only Adult shop in the high street, she stopped and looked in the window for a moment and then walked down the street crossing over at the intersection and repeated the process once more, she had been doing this ritual for the last three days […]

Experiment with Vibrator at Mall

My husband bought us a remote controlled vibrator. We have enjoyed it together several times in the bedroom. He keeps asking me to wear it out in public, but I had been too timid to give it a try. I was just not sure how I would react in front of other people when he […]

My Wife’s New “Lover”

My wife Julianna is an amazing woman and I love her very very much. We are both 38 and have 2 wonderful boys. She is a fantastic mom to our sons and each day I quietly give thanks that she is my wife. Our sex life, though scheduled around naps is very good, at least […]

Surprising Evening

Glancing at the clock for the thirtieth time in the past ten minutes…. the anticipation of what the evening is going to bring is causing little tremors to move over me. Sitting in my module at work, I am thinking about how I had gone to that Adult bookstore at lunchtime. I didn’t have much […]

Her First Toy

It’s later this afternoon, and you are laying back on your bed, you’ve been reading some erotic stories, so you’re slightly aroused. After a couple of the stories you figure what the hell, and pull your skirt up, pushing your thong panties to one side, toying with your outer lips, rubbing them lightly. Your fingers […]

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