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Morning Masturbation

It’s a Saturday morning, cloudy and grey. As I slowly wake up, I can hear the rain thudding against the roof and windows. I wish I could fall back asleep and re-enter my dream world, an encounter that has left my pussy aching and moist, where you were teasing me and making me beg for […]

Just Touch Me

‘Just touch me sweet lover – please – just touch me… ‘ You whispered, as we lay – side-by-side, replete, sated, satisfied. Our longing and lust diminished but our bodies, voluptuously, lazily remembering the sensuous, urgent driving of our desires as we had so recently feasted on each other’s needs and appetites. Gorging on our […]

After I Caught Her

Let me preface this by describing Terri. Terri is a beautiful 37 year old woman with high cheekbones, deep brown eyes, long legs and a 36 C breast size. Her nipples have light brown areolas the size of silver dollars with pinky size nipples. Her breasts are heavy enough that they have a slight droop. […]

Get Her Cumming!

I was so excited about our camping trip, that I packed early, not being able to wait for our fun weekend trip. I had a few changes of thick clothes and an extra pair of shoes. You said we’d go with some friends of yours, but we’d have our own tent, so I brought a […]

Cucumber in my pussy

I hadn’t laid out since that day at the hot springs. The sun was perfect now for lying out in my backyard. Warm, with a slight breeze. Quiet, with not a lot going on. Ahhh, this feels good. I’m so glad I indulged my urge. I spread my legs to expose myself to the sun’s […]

Husband Takes On Beast of Dildo

I had to have it. I couldn’t wait until my wife left for her concert, tonight was going to be the night I would master the Beast. Over the past several years my wife and I had added sex toys to our repertoire of deviant sexual behavior. It started out harmlessly enough with a vibrator […]

Masturbating for Alex’s Friends

My wife Alex and I have a pretty good time in bed, although she is usually quite conservative. I often masturbate for her which sometimes ends in me just coming and sometimes leads to other things. A lot of that depends on how much time she has in the morning since it usually starts with […]

Penis Cream

The maddening itch grew worse each day, and Arnold was finally driven to seek relief. He had put it off for as long as he could, fearing the inevitable embarrassment and humiliation associated with revealing his problem, but at last he could stand it no more. He entered the drug store shyly and looked around […]

Cream for Her Coffee

“Come out here for a minute, will you hon,” my wife Anne called to me. She was sitting on the deck facing the lake enjoying a beautiful July morning with her friend Kelly. Anne has known Kelly since childhood, and the two have been close throughout the 27 years Anne and I have been married. […]

Fucking Myself

I sit down at my computer desk, enjoying the feel of the soft leather chair on my naked skin. I’ve just had another unsatisfying night with my boring boyfriend, and my pussy is aching with need. I can feel my juices leaking onto the chair below me, puddling onto the slick material. All I can […]

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