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Teacher at the Beach

Josh and Toby wore sunglasses as they laid back on their elbows and kept their eyes out for sexy females in bikinis. They were the best of buddies, eighteen years old, and enjoying the last bit of summer before they had to begin University. The beach was a bit windy today and there was not […]

Busty Teacher Enjoys Amazing Sex

This story is about a sexual encounter between a student and an English teacher. I have fantasized many times about this English college teacher of mine, her name Miss. Oberg. She had been a teacher of mine for just over a year and I hadn’t really taken notice of her wonderful body until recently. It […]

Yes, Teacher

She came into the classroom, wearing thr red skirt and white blouse that drove him nuts. Her legs were long and sleek under it. He groaned, thinking of how those legs would feel around him, the smooth nylon of her stockings rubbing against his bare skin. He closed his eyes and felt his cock harden. […]

Student Tribbing with Teacher

Eva has sitting in the front row of the classroom. Mrs Cudna was having one of her last chemistry classes of the year. It was her birthday actually, she was turning 19. She wanted to make herself a great present for her birthday and she had a clear idea about what that best present would […]

My hot teacher

I read the official note again on the way to my fourth period teacher’s classroom: “Come by room 106 for a special lesson. This is for your greater knowledge only.” I was not sure what this had to do with me; I thought maybe it was a subject for my next extra-credit project. Whatever the […]

My Hot Teacher

Kevin had just gotten his test back from Ms. O’Hara. “Oh shit,” he cried out! Oh now he’s done it. Everybody knows that swearing is not allowed in Ms. O’Hara’s class. “Kevin, you’re going to have to stay after for that!” “Oh, great, I’m probably going to have to write something like, ‘I will not […]

Teacher’s Best Lesson

There was only one problem with the extremely expensive private boys boarding school and that was there were no girls allowed on the premises, which was why Don and his friends were now in the home of the only exception to that rule, a temporary female teacher, who’s son also happened to be at the […]

The Teacher: Lesson II

He calls me “Angel,” telling me that I am his own little piece of heaven. In class he is Dr. Edgars, but in his office, elsewhere, I call him Alex. I tried to call him Sir, but he laughed and stroked my jaw with his fingers, saying “no.” Yesterday I was at his house, feeding […]

Teacher’s Pretty New Pet

My name is Dorothy McAllister. I am also called “Miss McAllister” and sometimes “Coach McAllister.” I am in my mid-thirties and I teach girls physical education and swimming at Dover-Wallace High School in an unspecified midwestern state. And yes, I am a lesbian. You’d think that it might be difficult for a woman like myself […]

Showing Off Teacher’s Titties

Although these were indeed her students in high school all of them were past the age of 18, and many well into their 20’s. * Some years ago we had an opportunity to live and work in a Caribbean country for one year. During this time we both worked in a high school, but Sam’s […]

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