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Tasting the Teacher

Chloe’s life as a single mom was full of challenges lately, and frankly not fun. The rebel inside her was demanding release. Not enough loving, too much work. Damn! Sometimes taking a fun break meant watching a soft porn film. This would typically happen after Jill had fallen asleep. This meant indulging herself with some […]

A Teacher’s Gift

It was the middle of English class, the last period of the day. I stared with eyes glazed at the woman of my dreams, my teacher. She had long blonde hair, slicked to the sides like a model. Her face was beautiful, her body so elegant. She was wearing a black skirt that clung to […]

Seducing Teacher

“I think you should go Shannon.” I blushed, pulled my arms away from his neck, the tingle of my lips against his still there. I was so stupid to think he was interested in me that way. He was my teacher. Or at least he was last year. Right now it was the summer break, […]

Fucking the History Teacher

Ms. Shay had been my World History teacher in my Junior year of high school. She wasn’t your typical teacher, she had decided to start her career right out of college, so she was still very young. Although she never vocally expressed her age, it was quite obvious she was under twenty-five years old. She […]

Teacher’s Beautiful Legs

I am a thirty-year-old teacher at a small town high school. It is a job I’ve had and enjoyed for eight years, coming into it right after college. Recently events occurred that have made it much more enjoyable than I ever dreamed possible. The reason is I have begun sampling the sexual delights of my […]

The Teacher’s Slave

Author’s Note: All characters depicted are 18 years of age or older. * Anita and Shilpa were teachers in the local convent high school in a small Indian town. They were both in their late forties, youth and beauty fading away, and so were the charms of their ageing husbands. They bonded together really well, […]

Teacher Experience

I had a teacher experience that molded much of twist in my libido. The summer before my senior year of HS my best friend and I were volunteered by his mother to help a teacher out with some painting at her house. His mom and the teacher were friends and she was tired of us […]

A Teacher-Pupil Relationship

Laura sat on the edge of her desk watching him laugh; she studied his face and watched him smile as he larked about with his mates. She contemplated the feelings she was having and sighed inwardly to herself. Seemingly oblivious to her gaze he carried on mucking about with the others on the back row. […]

My Music Teacher’s Pussy

It was on my eighteenth birthday that I first caught a glimpse of her pussy. It was during class, and she was my music teacher. I sat in the front row, and as she jumped up to sit on her desk, I caught a glimpse of something black and wet beneath her skirt. Every day […]

My Married Teacher

My sexy carpenter. My husband had always wanted to have his own Den/office, and the only place it could be located was above the garage, we didn’t have space anywhere else, it would involve a lot of expensive work, but we were okay financially now. So ahead it went. The builders came and did all […]

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