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Great Sex and Nothing More

If you do not enjoy reading about successful, financially secure, accomplished and attractive people falling in love, fucking freely and living happily ever after, please do not read this story. In spite of the caveat, if you read it and feel compelled to leave a nonsensical, left wing, socialist rant about my lack of humanity […]

Cum Loving Virgin

Several years ago, during a period of life where I was between wives, I ended up dating a gal who at the time was a 36 year old virgin. Before we even had our first date she’d told me that she was a virgin, and planned to stay that way until she was married. She […]

She Probes Boyfriend’s Desires

I was engaging in a little selfish perversion on the computer, so I was oblivious as she crept up silently behind me. She must have been standing behind me for some time quietly watching me surf the net. Thinking she wouldn’t be home for hours I had begun my ritual of masturbating to images of […]

Mr. Dick

Joe Dick was a 38yr. old black man who loved fucking the wives of his employees, especially the white ones. The heavyset 5’8″ owner of the company was not all bad; he paid his workers well and did not want to hurt anyone, he tried to keep the layoffs to a minimum. If a pretty […]

Sister-in-law Comes to Play

I want to tell somebody about the most memorable weekend that I’ve had in a long time. Since I can’t possibly tell any of my friends and certainly not my wife, I’ll tell you instead. A couple of months ago my wife’s best friend, Amy had a baby. Amy lives in a small town about […]

My Sexy Boss

John sat nervously in the lobby. This was a very important job interview and a job he desperately wanted. John sat, eyes focused on the ground, shaking his leg anxiously, until a woman’s voice called out his name. John looked up. Standing before him was a beautiful woman. The woman extended her arm out and […]

Hubby Humiliated

When I was 25, I married Lana a 19 year old geeky beauty who had just inherited a large amount of money. She had very limited sexual experience before me so the fact that I could only last 4-5 minutes didn’t faze her. I have always cum fairly quickly, even if I thought about other […]

White High School Sluts

My younger half-sister Maddi had just turned 18 the day before and was still recovering from her wild party last night. She and several girlfriends were crashed out on the floor of her room. Good thing mom wasn’t due home from her business trip until later tonight, or the crazy party would have never happened. […]

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