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Blackmailing My Mom’s Friend

On a last minute spur of the moment I decided to head home for the weekend. College is great but I just needed to get away and I knew my parents were at an annual party and would be home late. With these late night events my mom has her best friend Linda baby-sit. My […]

Bathing Beauty

I’ve been swimming for many years. It’s my favorite, if not my only, way to exercise. I’m no longer young or in good health. Swimming is very good exercise given my physical condition. I learned to swim young and still have very good form and technique. I go to an athletic club in my mid-western […]

A Mature Lady

I am married, in my early 50s and have a decent sex life with my wife, but something has been missing. My mind wanders when I look at women passing by. I see the movement of their bodies under their clothes, and I wonder how passionate they may be. Would they like a good fuck? […]

Fucking The Mom Next Door

FACT: All women crave good sex. Like a radio station, you just have to tune into their individual frequency modulation. Then let it play out, hard. Make it last, and keep showing them how naive they are, and how many tricks in bed they are yet to learn from you, and they will come back […]

Date with Mom’s Friend

During his senior year of high school Jeremy Richards decided he was going to work on changing his life, he had always gotten good grades in school and was always considered to be well behaved. He never tried playing sports and he was always thirty pounds overweight so this year he decided he was going […]

Aunt Margaret

Many years ago when I was a hormonally driven teenager but not that popular with the girls, I had something happen to me which I apparently had suppressed for some reason. As I think back on it now, I wish it hadn’t slipped into the subconscious, for the memory is so pleasant now. For the […]

Girlfriend’s Mom

I met my girlfriend Tina at a computer conference in Chicago. We were seated next to each other and there was a natural attraction between us. She had graduated from college recently and working in information technology. I was a divorced 35 year old male and managed a IT group. After talking to her, I […]

A Honeymoon Affair

“How’d you like to get hold of that?” Roger Goins asked as he stirred his fresh drink. Roger was one of those guys who always talked about strange pussy, but never seemed to make an attempt to get any. He was too pussy-whipped by his wife, Elaine, to take a chance. Me, I was on […]

A Grandmother’s Love

She was 73, I was 37. The planning of what I am about to explain has been in the making for years. It all started last year and has been going on almost everyday since then. Her name is Elnora and she is the Grandmother of my wife. She isn’t very tall or a full […]

Love Older Ladies

I was smiling as I looked down at this beautiful thirty five year old creamy smooth ass. I was enjoying this nice tight pussy doggie style. Watching my cock going in and out of it was very exciting. This was my first older lady and it was great. Not bad for an eighteen year old […]

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