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My Neighbor, My Teacher

I was an 18-year-old senior in high school when my next door neighbor asked me if I would begin mowing her lawn. She was 39 years on and married. She and my Mom were best friends and she often told my Mom how handsome I was and how I would break some girls’ hearts someday. […]

Older Women are The Best

Bobby lounged casually against the wall near a café in the mall. School had finished for the year, and he was enjoying a break before starting college. So he was indulging in his favourite pastime — girl watching. And there were plenty of pretty girls for him to watch. Bobby had turned eighteen a few […]

Mother-in-Law’s Visit

It had been awhile since my mother-in-law’s last visit and that was just fine with me. There has been awkwardness between us since she walked in on her daughter giving me a blowjob. I bet she always knocks now before entering someone’s bedroom. She’s been practically living alone since her divorce and I guess she […]

Husband’s Away

Your husband’s away on business and won’t be back for days. You are so horny while he is away you know you will not be able to last until he comes back and have to go and find yourself a young stud to satisfy your urgent feminine needs. I see you smiling at me in […]

Naughty Landlady

I was fresh out of college and working in a new city. I needed a room near the train station that I could afford and I found one. I was renting out one bedroom in the home of a divorced woman whose children had recently moved out. The price was right and I paid a […]

Aunt Mara’s Photo Session

I can’t remember when I first met Mara. It was over 35 years ago and she became an instant object of interest – dark, full hair; amazing, leggy figure; haughty demeanor; seeming secure but not; collector of suitors – a classic Hungarian Gypsy kind of woman. Mara is Donna’s aunt (approximately my age) and, when […]

Friend’s Hot Mom

This is a true story, one that was very fun to write; it’s about my friend’s hot mom and me: Enjoy!! * This adventure took place during the fall of 2010; I was 19 and in my senior year at high school. Because it was my last year of high school before college I took […]

The Orgasms in This House

He knew someone was watching when he heard her gasp. He opened his eyes to see Denise Fuller, his best friend’s mother, staring with her hand covering her mouth. His hand stopped moving on his hard cock. They made eye contact, and he froze in terror. “I–” she began, her eyes returning to his cock. […]

Hot Mom-In-Law

There was just something about my girlfriends mom that I couldn’t put my finger on. If I was honest with myself I would say that I had secretly fancied her since the first time I met her and this feeling had only grown with time. Although her daughter was a great girl I had always […]

Driving Mom’s Friend

It was spring vacation. I had decided to celebrate my 40th birthday by taking three weeks off and head to Florida to see my widowed mother. I was checking into air fares and got ticket shock at the prices the airlines charge at that time of year. I decided that even with the price of […]

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