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Getting Old Sucks

Getting old sucks. Getting old and sick sucks double. Getting old and sick alone really sucks. When I had my heart trouble, 4 years ago, sure, I was 70, but I had by wife Esther to see me through it. The worst part was losing my erection, because of the medication. Esther and I were […]

Early Morning Ride

High beams penetrated the thick night air, illuminating all around her and casting a shadow forth for the first time since the sun had set. The hissing and squealing of massive breaks being locked split the silence. The soothing purr of a diesel engine gently vibrated the earth beneath the eighteen-wheeler. A girl sat in […]

My Church Lady

It happened about twenty years ago, and it was, quite simply, the most intense sexual experience of my life. (Please allow me the courtesy of having changed names, not identifying the locale and dialogue as I remember it) I lived with my divorced mother a mile or two from where the suburbs gave way to […]

Crack of Her Ass

Dale looked up at the mess left by the guys he had hired to cut a stand of trees. They got the trees cut OK, even sawed them into blocks for him, rolling the blocks down the hillside into a huge pile. Firewood, and free except for the cost of the two guys he had […]

Julie’s Surprise

The vibrator hummed strongly as it parted Julie’s swollen lips. “God, that feels great,” she thought. Another climax washed over her and shook her from her painted toe nails right up to her bottled blonde hair. “Just a little longer” she smiled and held the plastic vibrating tube tightly against her clit. This time, the […]

I Cheated And I Loved It!

My name is Frances and I have been married to my husband, Ron, for a long time. For the past 30 years, I have fucked many men, while Ron has watched and in some cases, taken pictures or videos. Ron has posted two stories, on a couple of the fellows, including the one that I […]

Cranky Mother In Law

My wife hung up the phone crying. After calming down she told me that she had just spoke with her mother and her parents were splitting up after almost 30 years of marriage. I was slightly upset primarily because I knew my wife was upset but on the other hand, I couldn’t blame my father […]

Grocery Store Encounter

Greg Smithers sat in the supermarket parking lot in his Chrysler minivan. As he sat there, he was going over his, now, ‘long’ shopping list. Since his wife had died unexpectedly last year, his long list usually included only ten or twelve items instead of the thirty to forty when he had done the shopping […]

Mature Woman’s Awakening

I had been waiting all day for you to return from your business trip. Its funny – after having been divorced for three years, I had just begun to come to grips with the loneliness. I still cried at odd times, but I had started to realize that life went on. It didn’t matter if […]

A Classmate’s MILF

Daniel had just moved to town a few weeks back after his parents had split up in a messy divorce. Since turning 18 he had tried to distance himself from their fighting and turned his full attention to school and getting out of his Mothers house. His new school didn’t have room for him in […]

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