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Naked Friends in the Summer

It was August 1988. I had been divorced for two years. I had lost my job of the previous four years in a take-over of the bank. I was lucky though, the business transaction wasn’t hostile, and we employees had the choice of keeping our jobs at 3/4ths pay or take three months’ severance pay. […]

Young Guy, Older Woman

Young people sometimes frightened me. I had been streetwise myself as a teenager, but the kids of today — especially hoodies — made me uneasy. It was, perhaps, the sheer number of them that intimidated me. That and their uniform, the obligatory hood, and the hanging out on street corners in all weathers. But when […]

First Time with an Older Woman

When I was younger my dad got me a summer job working on Saturdays for Mrs Jones. She was a woman who had a property out by the river and my job was to help her do landscaping, cut back trees, lay pavings etc. The property was a bit run down and it was hard […]

Wet Pussied Aunty

This incident happened a few months ago and from then I have changed my opinion about middle aged women leading apparently satisfying lives having a happy family. I am Raja, 24 in age and live in Calcutta. I have a friend named Shyam who is from a rich family. We have been friends from college […]

My Best Friend’s Son

“I’ve got two weeks vacation comin’ so I thought I’d come visit you for a few days,” I told Amy when I called her. Amy is my best friend, we’ve known each other since high school. We don’t get to visit with each other that much, she lives in the thumb area of Michigan and […]

Rachel Caught in the Act

I am not sure what I was thinking when I volunteered my home to Rachel. Her parents and I had been friends since high school, and for a short time, I had even dated her mother. We had grown up in a small town. Both of her parents settled and became school teachers, while I […]


“You really must stop that.” “Stop what?” “Making your nipples stand out like that.” “I’m not making them do anything.” “Then why are they sticking out like that?” “They’re very big, and they can’t help it.” “How big is big?” “Enormous really. About nearly an inch long by about 3/8ths of an inch in diameter. […]

Dad’s Girlfriend

“Yeah Steph he’s cute as in real cute. I know I sound crazy, but this guy’s a stud Stephanie as in the ‘real deal’. Hehehe, oooohh I hafta watch what I think don’t I? No, nobody’s around right now. I’m out in the back picking some tomatoes in my garden so no one could hear […]

Big Women Sex Stories

Do you like large women? Does the sight of large beauties turn you on? If so, here at the Big House Brothel, we have a bevy of large women for you. We’re embarking on a trip to go meet plenty of them. It’s going to be something, folks. You’re going to see large women doing […]

Mother-in-law Has Passion

It was the summer of dissent. The war in Vietnam was now a huge political issue on almost every college campus and every city in the US. People were wearing their hair long, dressed in tie dyed clothes and thinking they were very intellectual. Some of these people would end up in the very place […]

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