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Nursing Home Visit

My grandmother has been put in a nursing home. She is 92 and I miss her a lot. When I was growing up, she lived 2 blocks behind us and I would visit her several times a week. We were best buds. As I got older, time would not permit me to see her as […]

Have You Ever Had A Really Big One?

The party was winding down. A noisy group was gathered in the doorway, too busy talking to get on with leaving. A woman named Pauline who came to the party with my friend Martin helped me carry the glasses and plates into the kitchen and put them in the dishwasher. We were alone in the […]

Young Female Doctor’s Exam

When Marsha told me there was a 58 year-old married man on the phone looking for a new doctor I hesitated only momentarily. You see, as a 34-year old female MD, the vast majority of my patients are children and women. I can count on one hand the number of male patients I have had, […]

Horny Checkout Lady

Brenda was a till operator at the local supermarket. I recognised her while I was shopping from when I used to work on the door at a local nightclub. She was a good bit older than me and the other lads used to work her when she came in. Apparently she’d been a bit of […]

Demanding Older Lady Boss

“Did you want to see me Miss Smith?” I asked, putting my head round my bosses office door. I hoped it wasn’t important, it was the end of the day and I had a date with a six pack of beer in my fridge. “Ah, come in James” she motioned, “have a seat.” Her friendly […]

Older Women Make Beautiful Lovers

This story takes place in the summer of my 19th year. I had returned to my hometown after an accident which had left me hospitalized for two months. Upon returning I needed to determine a direction for my life. I had enlisted in the army and was awaiting my active duty date in late 1969 […]

Cranky Mother In Law

My wife hung up the phone crying. After calming down she told me that she had just spoke with her mother and her parents were splitting up after almost 30 years of marriage. I was slightly upset primarily because I knew my wife was upset but on the other hand, I couldn’t blame my father […]

Life with Aunt Polly

I was en route to Mumbai to Kolkata to take up my first job there. So I decided to travel in style, by 1st class air-conditioned coach, and here I was this Friday evening at 7 P.M. I was lucky to get a 2-seater coupe. To my utter surprise, the other occupant who was already […]

Tim’s Peeping Education

A thrill coursed through his body, and he pedaled even faster. He was really going to do it, if he didn’t lose his nerve and chicken out. Tim turned onto the right street and his pulse quickened just from the sight of his friend’s house. Pulling up in front, he looked around to see if […]

Older Is Better

At 20 years of age, Janet was the youngest member of the management team. She had earned her way to the top with her creative marketing ideas and her excellent ability to free-hand artwork. It also didn’t hurt her career that she was 5’5″ tall, 105 pounds, with long brunette hair to the middle of […]

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