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A Night of Many Orgasms

Unlike the average 18-year old about to graduate from high school, Katie was actually at home on Saturday night. She hadn’t had a date in over a month and didn’t see the point in trying anymore. None of the boys in her grade interested her and she didn’t like the idea of starting a relationship […]

Harley Seduces the Teacher

Amy Carter was the new English teacher at Piedmont High. She was very young and very attractive. She was the hottest teacher in school. All of the guys would drool after her. Rumors swirled around the school that she was screwing every guy there from the principal to all of the football team. Eve though […]

A Bisexual Cucumber Salad

My husband and I often hung out at local alternative bar… The thing we loved most about it was no matter who you were, race, religion, or sexual preference, you were accepted… We met and made many wonderful friends… That’s where I met her… She was absolutely gorgeous! I’d seen her there several times, and […]

Public Masturbation in a Steam Room

It was a stressful day. My first time travelling for work. It was 10:30pm already and I had just got back to my hotel room after a day at the client followed by a dinner with my workmates. My light blue suit was feeling uncomfortable and tight. I needed some time for myself to bath, […]


Acting Persons: Monica (36), business-woman; Cindy (18), cheerleader Monica gave the 18-year-old, blonde teenage-girl the one hundred dollars. The so innocent and shy looking young girls hands were shaking a bit. Monica always loved that shy excitement at her teenage amateur hookers. Monica was a 36-year-old consultant. She was in a high-paid management position. Due […]

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