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Sex Between Friends

Never have I feared anything in my life, especially amongst friends. But one day something extraordinary happens, something I cannot explain or jots down on a piece of plan paper between two people with basically the same exact things in common. Lesley is an exchange student from France that no one in school really enjoys […]

Jessi & Her Niece

I am the youngest of five children, all girls. My oldest sister got pregnant very young, and I was 7 when my oldest niece, Holly, was born. She and I have always been close, a number of people have commented that we are very similar people. Four years ago she and her whole family moved […]

No Boys Allowed

It was Danielle’s 18th birthday. Her parents were going away for the weekend, but gave her permission to have some friends over for a birthday party, with one rule: No boys allowed. After some thinking, she decided on who she wanted to have over: Becky, Sarah, Amber, Candace, and Holly. She called each one in […]

A Nude Business Deal-Lesbian Sex

As I finish reapplying my make-up, I look at my co-workers next to me in the Ladies Room. We are lined up before the mirror with a dressing table at cunt level, all naked save for our stockings, shoes and make-up. The new dress code for the office has been accepted without complaints. Isobel, the […]

I Join the Lesbian Mile High Club

Talk about the boot being on the other foot! Talk about the biter bitten! I never thought that I would be head-hunted, tempted – no, seduced – into leaving our Florida office, where I was top bitch, and joining a rival company in a subordinate role. But here I was. Yes, Marie la Reine d’Ecosse, […]

Teacher’s Lesbian Pet

Georgia stood at the full length mirror appraising herself. She still had a body that turned men’s heads. Of course, she was endowed with an incredible bosom, which at that moment was showed off to perfection by the sexy brassiere she’d purchased that afternoon at Victoria’s Secret. It was one of the few places locally […]

Suburban Lesbian

Just two months ago I had my first lesbian sex. I would not say that I am a lesbian but it is fun and naughty. It all started when my hubby’s brother and his wife were visiting. We went to a seedy little pub the other side of the town. It was every thing I […]

The Family Friend

The adventure started when my parents decided that they were going to go on holiday to Italy. I figured it would be a great idea to stay at home and make the most of the fact that I would be alone in the house for two weeks. However my dastardly plans were shot full of […]

Friend Helping a Friend

I’m Kala. I’m 18 years old and I’m writing to tell everyone about the most wonderful sexual experience that I have ever had. My best friend name is Amber. We’re both 18 years old and just about to graduated high school. Last Friday night was one of those hot muggy nights. Our doorbell ranged at […]

My Lesbian Experience

Her name was Rebecca. I had just turned 18, and it was the summer after high school graduation. We had already kissed a couple of times, nothing serious, just some fooling around while we were buzzed. I didn’t know I was bisexual yet, but I knew I liked to look at girls as much as […]

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