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Voyeurism of a First-Time Lesbian

It was late one Friday night, and had come home early from the bar. I had a few drinks in me, and was feeling pretty good. I am 32 and I live in a two-story apartment complex, which is upscale, and built from an old brick warehouse. I can look across the way, and see […]

Lesbian Night Classes

I had noticed her in some of my other classes. Cindy sat next to me and we acknowledged each other as she came in. Here I am, a 42-year-old woman going back to school at night to earn a degree. Crazy I know but what the heck, my two children are grown and on their […]

All Need Touch-Lesbian Story

I didn’t pay any more attention to the new people moving into the empty apartment than I usually did. I was the accountant, I didn’t much care who the people were, I only cared that they paid their rent. So when the girl came to the office asking for a key, I had no idea […]

My Lesbian Teacher

In the week following my wild camping weekend all I could think about was Gina’s offer. For some reason, I had always viewed two women together as repulsive but I just couldn’t get the thought of how wet I got when Gina was sucking my tits out of my mind. I was still confused about […]

Olivia Loves to Lick

On Friday evening, Olivia Lambert strode into Sappho’s, her favorite bar and general hangout. Although she didn’t particularly want a drink, she would have one or two and expected to buy several for one or more of the female patrons who would be present. Her desires were something much more carnal than liquor; she was […]

Lick or Eat

It was starting to get dark and children were already going door to door for trick or treat. Susan walked by a group of small kids dressed as ghost, pirates and monsters. She was on her way to see her best friend Amber and see if she wanted to go to the movies with her. […]

Seduced: Susie’s Real First Time-Lesbian Sex

Susie’s Story: I was 18 years old living in England doing all the things a 18 year old would do; with one huge exception to my friends: I really wasn’t overly bothered with guys. I had boyfriends for a short while but after a bit of kissing and unskilled exploring by them I found the […]

First Time Quickie

As with all my other stories, I’m not bothering to retype my physical description again. If you want to know how I look, it’s in the story “I thought she was straight.” I wrote a story about an adventure with a girl in the Navy, but she’s not the only one I fooled around with […]

My Wife’s Awakening

My wife and I were out at a bar for a night out. Away from the kids who were staying at my mothers for the night. We had been discussing various topics. Mostly how my wife, Shannon, wanted to remodel the kitchen, when there was one of those inordinately long pauses in the conversation. I […]

Bathroom Lovers

Some days I don’t know how I can go on living without her. Other days our arrangement, the secret rendezvous and the brief but passionate stolen moments we find to make love to one another … well, it certainly isn’t taking anything away from our ‘committed’ relationships. We both have wonderful and enjoyable relationships with […]

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