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Yellow G-string

My cousin Jess was gripping onto an empty wineglass in her hand and lazily slurping out a few corny words to a drunken guy leaning against a wall. “Ooohhh…I like your stubble…It’s so sexy… Like sandpaper.” She said to the guy, touching his face and giggling. I could see where this was leading. “Party’s over, […]

Truth and Dare- Lesbian Story

Nevada watched her friend lose herself in her masturbation as her breasts juggled up and down with her movements. She noticed her friend’s eyes were closed as she grinded her pussy to the arm of the chair, holding on to the couch as if she was riding a bull. Nevada’s lips glistened with juices as […]

Could You Help Me Unzip?

Lisa laughed nervously as she held the dress in front of her. “Hey Ella, what about this one?” Ella shot her a look of death over her shoulder when she caught site of the hideous garment. “Do I look like a slut to you?” “Well… If the dress fits.” She trailed off as Ella made […]

Creaming for Carmela

We moved to New Mexico when my husband’s father decided to retire early from his business and pass it on to his son. I had visited here many times but never quite took to it. My family is from Maine. Thanks to the exclusive country club membership sponsored by my in-laws and a ton of […]

Lesbians Doing It In The Woods

“You just tell me what you want me to do.” I said. “I promise not to go further than you’ll allow.” I sounded like I was begging her to let me touch her again…maybe I was. I wondered if this is how guys feel when they really want it? Without saying a word, she reached […]

My lady Secretary Seduce My Wife

I’m one of those lucky guys that goes to bed with a very beautiful and sexy wife, Sharon, who is sexually insatiable and then go to work to a very sexy secretary, the only problem is that my secretary, Linda, prefers women.. She is not an out and out lesbian and she does have a […]

Your Heart’s Desire

Anne was the typical all-American girl. She was smart with a sassy attitude. Her mother had raised to be a career driven woman, and she became just that. It wasn’t long until she moved off to San Francisco in pursuit of a good education. Living alone had become a life changing experience for her and […]

Paid Into Lesbian Facesitting

I knew my lesbian friend Miranda starred in some sort of niche porn, but I was still shocked when she asked me to join her for a one-time video. There wasn’t really going to be any sex, she assured me, and it would be good money for an afternoon of work. When I asked her […]

I Fell for My Best Friend’s Mother-Hot Lesbian

To say that I always wanted her, would not be entirely true. I wanted her oldest daughter, Elizabeth, first. I pined for her until my sophomore year in High School (she was a year ahead). I didn’t even try to be with her, only a friend and she blew me off, calling me lame, flat […]

Show Me Yours, I’ll Show You Mine

Ding dong. I ring the doorbell at my friend’s apartment. My birthday was 8 days ago but her boyfriend’s is tonight so we are having a small joint birthday thing. We are both turning 21 so I have come equipped with vodka and orange juice. The door opens and my friend Jasmine shows me in […]

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