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Hung Like a Horse

Since I last submitted to literotica my life has undergone quite a few major upheavals. Firstly we got so busy with our antiques business that I had to leave my part time civil service post and that left little time for writing. Tom and I still had the odd adventure but mainly with clients or […]

Gang Banger Slut

Now I love a big black prick as much as the next white woman, but when the six men, or should I say nearly men, holding guns, and knives somewhere on their person that were attached to those pricks, and directing their anger at my presence in their territory, well it can be somewhat disconcerting. […]

Cuckold for Life

My current way of life started 3 years ago when I met my future wife. I was teaching 12th grade history when the most stunning girl I had ever seen walked into my class. Her name was Lynn and she had just turned 18. To say she was beautiful would be an understatement. She was […]

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