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Sally’s First Fuck Cheating On Me

We had invited all our friends over to our house for dinner and drinks as it was my wife’s birthday. It was an informal celebration where all of our friends gathered in our backyard. We ate, drank a little, chatted and then everyone would go home. I had invited a few of my work buddies […]

My Home Store Expose

One hot and humid Saturday morning, my husband and I went to HD (I would rather not name the home improvement store just in case they incorporate some kind of search engine that picks up their name in any uploads.) to look at fixtures, cabinets etc. The night before, we had gone out with two […]

Tossing Salad

Milicient stepped into the kitchen a good hour before most of the rest of the staff would begin showing up for work, which was a good two hours before her employer or any of his family would wander down the grand staircase, cross the long marble great room and peek in for a hint at […]

White Pussy Slave

I had walked down the street not paying much attention to where I was or where I was going. I had walked for about 10 minutes after parking my car in an area I had never been to before. I had answered an ad in the paper about a job waiting tables and had been […]

She had a Dream

Jerry grabbed his laptop, the lunch he had prepared and headed out to his car. It was a quiet Sunday morning a perfect day to water the plants, sit around relaxing and reading the paper, or perhaps spending some time in bed with his wife, except today, Jerry had to work some overtime. He climbed […]

I Love Your Pussy

It is no longer good enough to exchange erotic E-mails with you, to send you stories that make your pussy drip. I know you want my cock as much as I want your pussy. It’s crazy to meet, I know, but I don’t care any more. I need to have you, to feel your lips […]

Fucking My Friend’s Husband

Well I did not realise when I sat down at my computer last Sunday night that I would be returning so soon to confess to another amazing experience. I have received at lot of e-mails asking me about my previous adventure “My Blindfolded Fuck”. It seems a lot of people, men, wanted to know what […]

An Aunt’s Embrace

Bastard, Jenny thought, trying her best to refrain from slamming the front door as she entered her aunt Beatrice’s flat. She stood by the front door unsure what to do, her head a jumble of emotions – anger and self pity vying to dominate her state of mind. She wanted to go straight to the […]

The Panty Thief

Three years ago my husband found a much younger woman and subjected me to the humiliating experience of being replaced by the proverbial trophy wife. We had married very early in life and I was sure that we would spend our golden years together. Although I am in my early 40’s and in very good […]

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