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My Sister Lori’s Pink Pussy

I’ve finally made up my mind, I’m going to begin a quest that just might lead me into my sister Lori’s panties. I’m around 40 and happily married and so is Lori for the most part although she and her husband have been sort of split up and back together again. They have two teen-age […]

India Widowed Daughter

My name is Diwakaran. I am a 53 year old widower, living near Cochin, in the state of Kerala, in India. I was leading a decent middle class life, until my wife expired last year. This is my real life story. Though I am totally ashamed of myself and my actions, I have only written […]

Night With My Aunt

The day had finally come. I had been planning a road trip across the province for some time and when I received a message on facebook from my aunt Shelly about me stopping in to visit on my way through her town I didn’t think much of it. I barely thought about her anymore to […]

Mom Son Acting

My mom and I are very keen armature actors and have acted in several local theatre productions but never together. Most of my work has been youth productions linked to my college. Mom works as a legal secretary but her passion really is in the arts and since her college days has yearned to do […]

My Son’s Wife

Jim and his friend Ted sat down on the couch with a can of beer each and started to watch the basketball. Jim was a married 55 year old who lived with his wife of 30 years out in the countryside. Jim was a slightly overweight man who had a large beer belly, and had […]

Sister’s Divorce

I got a call from my mother. She said my sister Lynn had called to tell her that her husband Ross was divorcing her. I didn’t know whether to laugh for feel sorry for my sister. My sister and I were total opposites. My sister was very religious and I wasn’t. The first chance I […]

Daughter Wants Cock

My daughter Amanda and her high school friends decided on a retro look for themselves. Although Amanda and most of her friends were eighteen they wanted to look younger. Amanda had let her blonde hair grow down almost to her ass. Amanda was almost six feet tall and she looked the part of being a […]

Moving in with my Aunt and Uncle

I remember the day I found my Aunts stash of erotic fiction. She had piles and piles of books stored at the back of the cupboard; I found them whilst looking for a photo album. She must have forgotten they were there before she sent me to search I thought. The books were so exciting […]

Mom’s Wait for Her Son

It all started with my divorce from Rick in 1990, although we had been married since 1972 our marriage ended very badly. We were stationed in Washington, D.C. at the time and things just weren’t working out between us. We had three beautiful children, two girls and a son. At the age of 17 our […]

Daddy’s Tool

A big THANKS to Ben Frayser for helping me edit this story… Darla had no idea her world as she knew it would change forever. It was Tuesday morning around 9am and her husband was away on a two-week business trip. She’d been having trouble with her van, so late the night before she’d called […]

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