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Nude Family Camp

Alex yawned and stretched like a great cat a smile spreading across his features as he did. One thing that most people don’t understand is that people don’t smile with their lips, not really. The smile with their bodies and since Alex was lying nude on a towel all the other places that were smiling […]

A Morning with Mother

Nobody in this story is under 18 years old. ***** The sun woke me, its warm rays caressing me, pulling me slowly awake. I stretched, groaning, then settled back into the mattress, my gaze on the window. This was the first day of summer vacation; I had nowhere to be and, aside from my chores, […]

Mother & Daughter Repay

It was one of those miserable autumn nights. The rain was drizzling down; a breeze was starting to build a little, and here and there some fog patches caused the traffic to slow much more than it needed to. I had slammed the car door in a bit of a temper after leaving the school-board […]

A Surprise for Daddy

It probably happens to every teenage girl at some point in her life, for me it just happened a few minutes ago. Getting up to go pee, I bumped into my father as he was coming out of the bathroom after taking a shower. There is nothing new about that but what made it different […]

Sin-in-law in Bondage

My husband’s younger brother lives with us while he attends college. We have fixed up a room for him in our basement. Sometimes I clean his room and one day, I came across a box under his bed that was full of pornographic magazines. Many of them dealt with bondage. The magazines had color photos […]

We Got Bored, Daddy

I’ve been divorced seven years; I had found a DVD of my wife with six of her high school students showing them the more adult aspects of her subject, Biology. So, we settled the matter simply so she could keep her job; I know, you’re probably thinking I should have turned her in but I […]

My Loving Mother

Looking up into the face of a beautiful woman will always give me reason to smile. I was doing just that this morning. Her lovely face was dripping with sweat from the work out we just shared. Her breasts were heaving as she tried hard to get her breath. She smiled back at me and […]

Younger Sister Checks In

For some reason my parents had my sister and me far apart. I was now thirty-three and Abby was twenty-two. I guess you could say there was a mistake along the way. I also didn’t see my sister very often. That was about to change. Abby called me recently and asked if she could visit. […]

Hot Tub Confession

On my way home from work tonight, I got a call from my wife Sue. After the normal chit-chat, she caught me off-guard. “Oh and by the way, I know you worked late, but could you stop by and see Mandy? She needs you to check her plumbing.” Biting my tongue slightly, I replied “Ummm, […]

She Never Saw Him Coming

This story has a bit of everything in it, some D/s, a bit of incest, a bit of fetish, and a bit of anal….So you have been warned. Now please read and enjoy. MV Nearly three months had passed since their blow up and James wasn’t quite sure what to do about his ex-submissive Cricket. […]

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