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My Aunt, the Cum Lover

I was beating my cock when my aunt opened the door suddenly. I noticed it but acted as though I didn’t realize her seeing in and continued beating and spurted out all my cum on the cock and then rested back. All through my cumming my aunt was standing there watching me. I assumed that […]

Mom Opens Up

“John, if your mother knew I was calling you she’d kill me; but I hate to see her this way. We’ve spent days talking and time after time she tells me how much she misses you and how empty she feels. Couldn’t you at least spend some time over there or at least call her […]

Waking Up in Daddy’s Bed

My name is Lolita and I’m 19. I just got home yesterday for spring break and I’m reveling if the fact that I don’t have to leave the warmth of my Daddy’s bed to make that mad dash for my first class. I love college life but I really missed my Daddy. I am what […]

The Wife’s Sister

I can’t really believe this happened the way it did, but there is no complaints from me. It started with a vacation weekend in a city we were looking to explore. My wife (Jamie) and I had decided to take a vacation in a city away from our own to explore it, and it just […]

Loving Aunt Liz

Elizabeth Martin looked good for 46. She took care of herself and it showed, even after three kids, she still had a body some women half her age would have loved to call their own. Like most ladies her age, she had put on some weight over the years and certain areas might not have […]

Adult Family Pleasure

Maybe to some people, what we’re doing it’s wrong, I don’t care! It works for us — we like it; it feels good and as far as we’re concerned, that’s all that matters. No one is forced to do anything they don’t want to do; we’re grown adults for Christ sakes! There’s no hassle about […]

Mum Make Me Man

All started at the age of 18. I was a teenager just trying to explore his self and his sexual appetite. I can say my friend since primary school John; help me a lot on that. John is quite a feminine guy, he has light voice, and he moves his hands a lot. He never […]

Mother’s Seduction

I had known that I wanted my mother since I first became sexually aroused. I would look at porn mags and think of what a woman must look like in the flesh. I would pretend to accidentally walk in on her at different times, seeing her body and recording it in my memory. I suspected […]

Caught By Mom

I’m Joe and I’m 20 years old. I’m disabled with muscular dystrophy. I live alone with my mom and require help with everything physical. My mom is 40 but isn’t 100% healthy and she can’t help much physically. So, I have an aide who comes out once daily to help bathe me, help with the […]

Taking My Son’s Virginity

“Ready to go, Wilbur? It’s almost 7:50 and our reservations are for 8!” I called out worriedly, tapping my heel impatiently against the wine-colored carpet as I waited for my 20-year-old son to get his derriere downstairs. He was always late for everything. Luckily, his lack of punctuality was one of the very few traits […]

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