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Sister’s Surprise

I grew up in a household of women, not a bad thing if they are women other than your mom and sisters. Dad had passed when I was just 15, and he hadn’t taken the time to teach me much about the birds and the bees. Up till my 18th birthday, I had learned everything […]

Family Surprise

Dana O’Dell returned from lunch that Friday about 1 PM. She pulled the chair out from her desk and was surprised to see a note from her employer. “Dana you work hard for me. It’s really appreciated. Take the rest of the day off and go spend it with your kids..with pay. Thanks. Tom.” Dana […]

I Get to Fuck My Hooker Mom

Things started to change around our house about 6 months ago after my mom and dad split up. My name’s Jim, I am 18 years old, I will soon be starting at University, for now I am living the good life, relaxing, enjoying the summer vacation, spending a lot of time by the pool. As […]

Mothers Horny Relief

Monica Tyler dabbed a bit of perfume on then stood back taking one final analysis of herself in the full length mirror. She was 39 and stood 5’7″ with a 36D-26-34 figure. She brushed her long red hair several times as she contemplated what she was about to do. “If this dosen’t turn him on […]

At My Mother’s Breast

Those of you who read our stories know that I am a confirmed voyeur and my wife Joan is a passionate exhibitionist. Our libertine lifestyle has been one of sharing each others excitement; be it carnal or be it romantic marital love. At one point we even shared the same beautiful woman during an eighteen […]

My Hot Mother In Law

Marie and I have been married for 8 years. We met in college, during senior year. That final semester we fucked like bunnies, in between classes and extracurriculars. I had dated a few girls in my college years, but Marie was a woman. She was so confident and smart. Plus she had a great rack […]

Surprise Sleepover With Brother

I, Chelsea, was looking forward to the sleepover tonight with my best friends in the whole senior class, Jessie and Lisa. Even though we were friends, I found myself sexually attracted to them at all times, so much so that we have even “fooled around” from time to time. Jessie is 5’1″, has size 36A […]

Aunt Faith

The story I’m about to tell you took place in the summer of 1995, which was the summer a 18-year-old boy became a man and a father. I lived with both parents in a house that was fairly big and had an apartment below it that we used to rent out. My mother’s youngest sister, […]

My Son is a Nudist

I’m a 39 year old new divorcee. I divorced my rotten no good husband last year after 23 years of being married to him. We have a son who just turned 23 last month. That’s right you guessed it. I was 15 and very pregnant with my son Bobby when his father and I got […]

Dad’s Surprise

My wife, Carol, and I were going over to Becky’s apartment to refinish an old chest of drawers. Becky is my stepdaughter, Carol’s daughter from her first marriage. Becky is 29 years old now, but this incident occurred when she was 18. Becky is remarkably cute, with long, curly red hair, a round face, big […]

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