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Unhooking Mom’s Bra

I come from a decent family in Delhi. We are four in our family – Dad, mom, my younger brother and I. My dad (42) is a higher-level employee in a bank. Mom (38) is a senior staff with one of the research institutes. I (22) have just finished my engineering in Electronics and looking […]

Dad Fucks Daughter-In-Law

George and Ginger were so please when their daughter-in-law delivered their first and only grand child. Their son, John, had tried for a long time to get Joan pregnant, but finally decided on artificial insemination. The little boy was now in the first grade and they desperately wanted another child., but were very disappointed after […]

Naked Games With My Mother

My Mother is a very beautiful woman. She’s five feet five inches tall, and her measurements are 38-24-36. My Mother has long curly red hair, and green eyes. She has the sweetest smile, and the warmest personality. Myself I’m 18 years old.My name is Derek Beaudry and I stand six feet two inches tall, and […]

Teasing Dad

I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Kristen; I am 18 years old and like the guys say “a total babe”. I am not conceited but have been told by many guys. I do admit that I am a tease and enjoy it. I am not a slut though. I have only slept […]

Naughty Mom

My name is Ryan and I’m a 6ft blue eyed blonde. My mom always said how handsome I was which always put a smile on my 19 year old face. My mom is 5ft 10″ with blue eyes and blonde hair. She is very pretty for a 40 year old who can still turn the […]

My Mom the Showoff

Mother must have had a reason to dress as she did. From the time I was old enough to like looking at the female body, It was evident that she liked to have hers looked at. All through my High School years from the age of fifteen to graduating at eighteen years of age, her […]

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