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Daddy’s Naughty Girl

This starts off as a typical school day for me, Eliza, as any other day but today, I am feeling a bit naughty and get caught. I should start at the beginning. I am in high school (you know I go to one of those private high schools where we have to wear uniforms) and […]

I Dress to Please My Son

Jenny had been divorced for about three years now and hadn’t dated much. She owned a small but comfortable house where she lived with her two children, Tony and Debbie. Debbie was 19 and away from the house often, partying with friends. Tony was 18 and spent more time in house than his sister. Jenny […]

Hippy Parents

We’ve always been a very close family — and very different in some ways. As I was growing up we’ve always depended on each other and we enjoy a special bond unlike most families. Our parents were very kind, gentle people who were very supportive of my sister Sierra and me even though they’re more […]

Sex with Sister

I woke up with a tingling sensation between my legs. I looked down and saw my nude sister stroking my cock and licking the head. “What are you doing Carla?” I asked. “I want to get it hard because I want to feel it inside me again.” She said. I lay my head back on […]

My Cousin’s Milk

When I was about 18, my adult cousin was in her very early 20’s. Her brother (he was 17) and I were spending the night in her house since her husband was down south visiting his sick mother who was close to death. This left Ann alone with her young baby who was barely 6 […]

Surprised By Mom

The summer was drawing to a close, and my life had turned quite boring after the night by the pool with my sisters introducing me to the pleasures of water sports. Both Pam and Sue had kept very much to themselves, at least when it came to me, and I think both felt a bit […]

Mom Rubs Away the Pain

It started innocently enough. My son, Cam, though 19, still lives at home while he goes to school. Over the holidays, he had spent several nights at his friend’s apartment, which usually means they stay up to all hours and then he falls asleep on a couch or the floor. So when he returned, his […]

Oops… I Did It Again

This is my second installment of my secret love life with my sister, Karen. If you want to find out what has already taken place, read “Can’t fight temptation.” That first time with my sister was, how shall I say, incredible. And it only got better. We played it cool for a couple of days […]

My Brother’s Cock

(The characters in this story are 18 or over) I was always a modest as a teenager, not wanting to be seen naked by anybody who absolutely didn’t have to see me. Even getting undressed for a medical exam was a traumatic event. Through school I avoided sports and even phys ed classes – largely […]

Mother’s Needs

Being 45 years old, the mother of 2 kids and the wife of a truck driver was hard on Janet. Her husband Jake was away on the road more then he was home. Sometimes he was gone for weeks at a time. Her children had grown up without her father around and she had always […]

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