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My Mother’s Nightie

I worked at a fast-food hamburger joint, working late most nights, coming home at about eleven, and sometimes as late as midnight or one. One night in particular, I stopped and grabbed a cup of coffee at an all-night convenience market, intending to stay up and do some reading. I had the next day off, […]

Daddy Makes It Better

Today was a shitty day. Pardon my french, but it was. I was doing terrible in my first period Spanish class and the bitch teacher, Mrs. Guttierez, who hated my guts, spent all morning picking on me in front of the class. On top of that, I got water on my white school uniform blouse, […]

Who Fucked My Mother?

I’m sure you’ve heard a bunch of age old questions, such as: Why did the chicken cross the road? If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there, does it make a sound? Which came first the chicken or the egg? I have a question in my life much more difficult than […]

Sister in Law Surprise

My wife’s sister is a flirty lady and even a little too explicit at times when my wife is sitting right beside me. I always play it off and we get past it without any problems brewing between me and the wife. My sister in law is in her late 30s while my wife and […]

My Stripper Sister

I didn’t even want to go out that night; not that I wasn’t interested; I was just tired. I had been working hard on my report in the library. I had just gotten my hostel room and all I really wanted to do was sleep. My room mate and a friend of mine both American […]

Swinging with Sister

Mark Reynolds had not seen his older sister Kathie in about three years. After graduating college he had moved to the west coast while she was going through a bad divorce with the asshole she had married. His new position enabled him to travel more so when he got the chance to go to Boston […]

Dad’s Dream Daughter

The familiar sounds of cardboard cartons toppling emanated from his daughter’s room. Mr. Robinson knew she has arrived to give his nurse her day off. Iki had a way of producing these noises. Mr. Robinson was never able to figure out how she manages to topple cardboard cartons every time she enters her room. Soon […]

Sissy’s Little Secret

Abby was the baby of the family. She had three older brothers; Mark, Mike, and Matt. The boys were 3, 4, and 6 when she was born. Mark, the youngest of the three boys, was the one who started calling her Sissy, and would correct anyone when they called her Abby, so the whole family […]

Holiday Fun with Mom

I first started to sniff my mum’s panties around the age of seven, when I was learning about women and sex. I guess I did it out of curiosity and for a cheap thrill back then. But two months ago, I found myself sniffing then again, this time fantasising about fucking and licking my mother’s […]

Jud’s Anal Sister

Sarah looked up happily as her handsome brother Jud walked into the Amtrak station. he wore a well tailored casual jacket, open, no tie, over a nicely pattered shirt. She saw his broad smile, and the thick wavy blonde hair that framed his rugged athletic face….and then the intense blue eyes. Her own smile was […]

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