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Wife Gets Caught

Tuesday nights were always a little hectic, especially the ‘Second Tuesday of Every Month’. That was my Kiwanis Club meeting, which ran from 6:30 to whenever. May and I didn’t get home until 5:00 and 5:30 respectively. I didn’t have to worry about dinner as Kiwanis was a dinner meeting, but there was always some […]

Young Pussy

I had been out for a few drinks with my mate, Steve and his latest girlfriend, Sophie and I guess we all quite pissed up. Steve is the same age as me, 34 and we’ve been friends since school. Sophie is an 18 year old stunner, fit to the extreme, gorgeous looks and a perfect, […]

Lust for My Wife’s Sister

My wife and I have been married for over 10 years now. During that time, we’ve had our ups and downs, as most couples do. Whenever problems have arisen, we’ve been able to work through them, strengthening our relationship along the way. However, last week something happened that I thought would destroy all of our […]

Making Of A Slut

“You sure look pretty tonight Ms. Davis,” Eddie said. Tina looked up at the black janitor over her glasses. He always said the same thing. “Why do you interrupt me with the same nonsense every night? And turn off that damn radio in my office. What’s wrong with you people?” “Real sorry Ms. Davis,” Eddie […]

Stripper’s Choice

There is a god. And it only costs $7 to see him in a G-string. I went there alone. My best friend was supposed to come with me, but she couldn’t get a babysitter, so she cancelled at the last minute. I was a little disappointed, I’ll admit that. Going to a nightclub to watch […]

Wife Wants Black

After reading several of my stories a Literotica member emails me to share her interracial experience. She asks me to pen her true story. Enjoy! Wife Reads Too Many Interracial Stories Like many women, I privately read erotic stories and find great pleasure in the experience. I have found that interracial stories get me the […]

I Saw It All

I don’t remember when I started feeling this way. I guess it just happened. I always masturbated, even after I got married. If I made love to my wife at night, I would wait until she left for work in the morning, and jack off before I had to go to work. I always would […]

Married White Slut

It had been a long day at my new job as a receptionist for Angelino Cosmetics. A long day in a week of long days after my husband had been laid off from his high paying job at General Motors. Word had it that the lay-off was only temporary, and would last no longer than […]

An Aunt’s Embrace

Bastard, Jenny thought, trying her best to refrain from slamming the front door as she entered her aunt Beatrice’s flat. She stood by the front door unsure what to do, her head a jumble of emotions – anger and self pity vying to dominate her state of mind. She wanted to go straight to the […]

Sunbathing with My Stepsister

Wednesday morning. I woke up to see the summer sun shining in through my bedroom window. Bright and early. Well, not exactly. It was 10 a.m., and I was enjoying the laziness of summer break between my sophomore and junior years of college. I was back at home living with my mother and stepfather for […]

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