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Amy’s Encounter

Quite simply, Amy was a stunningly attractive blonde woman from a well off suburban family. Her parents were liberal minded and raised her to be the same. When she turned twenty-four, she met and fell in love with a fair-haired young man named Ronald. He was a handsome young man who was open minded in […]

My Daughter’s Teacher

Last week my daughter had some problems in school and we got a intimation that the parents had to meet the principal. As my wife was busy I went alone and met the principal. The principal asked me to wait and sent an intimation for my daughter’s class teacher to come over. Very soon I […]

A Young Girl’s First Big Cock

This is a ‘true story’ of what happened on a holiday in Bali with my friends, when I met a well-hung Dutchman. This is about a young girl, who, like most young girls, enjoys sex. “Will all passengers for flight G/A 71 please make your way to the boarding gate,” the message came over the […]

His Wife’s Sister Does Him

It was after 2:00 in the morning. Brian was surprised when his wife’s sister appeared in the kitchen while he was rummaging around in the fridge. He was immediately uncomfortable because all he was wearing for pajamas was a baggy pair of cotton shorts. As Brian watched her, Stacey walked over to the kitchen island. […]

Nasty Sister-in-Law

I always looked forward to our meetings. Jen was my sister-in-law. At 35 she was Hollywood material. A local surgeon made sure there were plenty of curves topside, while Jen made sure her ass was a perfect heart shape. We met every Sunday for a poolside cookout, where I always ogled her scrumptious body. My […]

Dirty Sex

She lay there, unable to move. The bindings that held her wrists and ankles, taut. The blindfold cutting out any light, but not stopping the sounds of breathing. How many? She were unsure, all she knew that it started at three, two men held her down as the third lashed her wrists and ankles to […]

Kelly’s Panties

On Saturday night Kelly arrived at the dance. She had on a beautiful summer dress and she looked just stunning. Everyone was having a great time and the comments on how nice the hall looked made Kelly feel good about the job she had done. After a couple hours it was about that time for […]

Eddy’s Mom

“Hey guys, ready for something sweet, pink and creamy?” The two boys in the water turned their heads and saw Eddy’s mom looking down on them at the poolside, smiling at their puzzled faces. She lowered her sun glasses and winked. “Come inside fellows, I got something nice for you.” Her red lips blew them […]

I Fucked My Roommate’s Boyfriend

When I was in college, I shared a flat with a friend of mine. As the year went on, we had several disagreements over petty things. I asked her to move out, but she simply wouldn’t. We began hating each other and just stayed in our bedrooms, ignoring each other. She had a boyfriend who […]

Fun With David

My story started when my wife, Bonnie, and I, began to bring our individual fantasies into our lovemaking. Our sex life had become routine, so this was a way to enhance, as well as vary, our sexual relationship. I, like so many other men, get very turned on with the idea of sharing Bonnie with […]

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