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Sex Is Magnificent

I’m 22, finished college, have started a decent job with some potential. I’m no Brad Pitt but then I’m not the Hunchback of Notre Dame either. I wrestled in school so am fairly well built. I’m just shy of six feet, dirty blond or light brown hair cut very short. Blue eyes. Wear glasses. I’ve […]

Private Viewing

I was on top, and my legs were starting to get tired. Henry looked up at me and grinned. We hadn’t been dating for too long, but I knew that look. I paused in mid-stroke and said, “What?” He said, “Do you want to play with the web cam?” I leaned back with his cock […]

Naughty Ranger Lisa

Disclaimer: All stories in this series are based upon actual events. The names have been changed to protect the guilty and I do mean guilty. The stories are set in the Granite Hills Region of the New York State Park system. They are set in these parks for the simple reason they don’t exist and […]

My First Sexy 3some

My wife Maria is a very sensual & sexy lady who loves being admired, as do, I imagine, most women. We went to a party a while ago with our friends Bob & his wife. We mixed with the crowd and went on our own walkabouts in the different rooms. It was warm and feeling […]

Wrong Seat

With Thanksgiving, crowded airports and delayed flights always come hand in hand. Melanie knew this from too much experience, as she’d been flying to one place or another for the holidays more years than not. And like clockwork, tonight, just a couple days before the big turkey holiday, Melanie was stranded in an airport waiting […]

Pussy Pleasures

As I rested myself into the soothing hot tub, I heard a voice call me. I had just entered the hot tub with my drink only moments ago. Since I didn’t want to exit the nice hot water immediately, I answered, “I’m here in the hot tub.” This tub is in the backyard. The voice […]

Kathy’s Sexual Adventure

It is Ken’s birthday and we decide to go out for dinner and then to a club for drinks and dancing. I am the luckiest woman in the world. I have been married to Ken now for 5 years and my wonderful hubby does not have a jealous streak in him. He loved the fact […]

My Home Store Expose

One hot and humid Saturday morning, my husband and I went to HD (I would rather not name the home improvement store just in case they incorporate some kind of search engine that picks up their name in any uploads.) to look at fixtures, cabinets etc. The night before, we had gone out with two […]

Sex Summer

I turned eighteen in June, just before graduating from high school. I missed being valedictorian, which pissed me off, but being second in the class wasn’t too bad. I had been accepted at State University and had little to worry about until Fall. I wanted a summer job, and finally found one at Swanson’s groceries. […]

Sunbathing with My Stepsister-Hot sex

Wednesday morning. I woke up to see the summer sun shining in through my bedroom window. Bright and early. Well, not exactly. It was 10 a.m., and I was enjoying the laziness of summer break between my sophomore and junior years of college. I was back at home living with my mother and stepfather for […]

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