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Her Ass Says It All

The young Chinese mother squeezed past me at the entrance in such a hurry that her tight ass cheeks literally rubbed across my groin. She had just dropped her son off at the club and seemed to be in a hurry to get somewhere. I watched the sway of her ass cheeks as she hurried […]

My Clit Piercing

I started calling tattoo and piercing parlors after we hung up the phone this morning, and I found one in Orlando who sounded promising. It was Dungeon’s Tattoos, owned by Master Michael. I had to ask carefully about what I wanted to know because all the kids were around me, but we managed to communicate […]

My Best Friend’s Sister

I have a smoking fetish, although I couldn’t tell you the exact date it started. I just found that one day anytime I saw a woman smoking a cigarette, I couldn’t help myself. I’d automatically picture her on her knees in front of me, wisps of smoke pouring from her mouth as she took a […]

Fun in the Garage

“Lisa!” a few random voices from the crowd yelled as she walked into the room. The people inside were older teenagers, probably all in college, and of that age. There were about ten of them sitting on nice couches and rugs on the floor of a gorgeous suburban home, and they were all white. This […]

Mia and Uncle Alex

Alexander Campbell was apprehensive meeting his niece after 6 years. Her parents were recently killed in a road accident and she was left in his care. As he was coming out from his limousine, his eyes squinted shielding themselves from the glare of the sun. At the same time, he was searching for a chunky […]

Daughter Then Mother

This all happened about sixty years ago. I had just finished high school and had a meaningless part time job for the summer before starting college in the Fall. I was George, 5’11’ and still growing a little, weighed maybe 180 pounds, was in decent shape, mostly just because I was eighteen and not because […]

Visit to Doctor

Doctor in Metairie, LA Youngish (early to mid 30’s), petite, firm, slim and beautiful. I was in Metairie getting my Mate’s Ticket and part of that meant I had to get a physical. The doctor’s office was across the street from the school and I went over there one afternoon to get it done. I […]

Many Sucking, One Fucking

Dana had done this so many times this week; she was sick of it and just wanted it to be over. Her Psychiatric class had come up with an experiment, she would go into a bar, find an old man, and ask him if he wanted to have sex. If he said yes, then she […]

Fun at the Mechanics

I had to pick up my car from the local mechanic. My day at work had been long and tedious; the fact that I was wearing my lingerie, garters, and thigh high stockings under my clothes only added to my discomfort. Riding to the mechanic with my coworker, I shifted in my seat, feeling the […]

Experience With a Friend’s Sister

One day a while back, my best friend’s sister Kim, dropped by my house, to tell me that a band that we both liked was going to put on a concert, in a nearby town. She was all excited about going to this concert, her big blue eyes sparkled, as she talked about it. It […]

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