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Sarah Sucks

My wife Sarah and I have been together for six years and married a year ago – We are both 26 years old and are very much richer for being together. Happy is an undertsatement, but let’s not go into all that, as you all know there is a reason why I have posted this […]

My Hungry Little Sex Slave

We’ve been teasing each other all day long. A nice dinner, a trip to the local sex shop, and a few glasses of wine had our hunger for each other at a fever pitch. This gorgeous, tall redhead, so hungry for me and my body, was going to be my little sex slave tonight. By […]

Wife + Personal Trainer = Hard Fuck

“DO you want my cunt wrapped around your cock?” These were the words that I heard when I arrived home the other night. The voice was clearly that of my wife, Barbara. It has been a few months since we decided to “spice” things up for ourselves, by adding other people to our sexual repertoire. […]

Rimjob For My Hot Girl

I’ve been dating Lexi for a few months now. She is a beautiful woman, medium height, amazing curves, long brunette hair and deep, round brown eyes. Believe me, I know how lucky I am to be with her. She is incredibly fun and easy to talk to, and we’ve already had most of the conversations […]

Juicy Nurse

Bret awoke in the Stanford Memorial Hospital recovery room. It looked like some one had rubbed Vaseline on his eyeballs. He could see a white faced clock hanging on the wall but it was all bury. He blinked and mentally shook his head trying to bring the world back into focus; the anesthesia had apparently […]

Shy Friend Shows Your Wife His Cock

Your wife invited another couple you are friendly with, Dan and Susan to have dinner and drinks one Friday night. Susan had to watch her sister’s children, but she insisted that Dan come alone. He’s a bit of an introvert and his wife is always trying to get him to socialize more, so you weren’t […]

Wife & Mother-in-law

My wife, Valerie, is a well educated woman who is 49 years old. She is known by many in our small community and respected by all. She sings in the church choir and volunteers for many community events. Val likes to say that she is “respectable”. I have tried to get her to surf the […]

Mary’s nipples

Tom and Mary were an average suburban couple in their mid thirties. With Tom’s birthday coming up, Mary wanted to plan something special. As she thought about it, she smiled inwardly thinking that to her husband, the word “special” meant “sexual.” She promptly concluded her focus should be on giving him a great sexual experience. […]

My Best Friend’s Hairy Mom

When the drizzle we had been standing in began to turn to something more substantial, the trees that had been sheltering us began to let in some of the rain, and that was just as good a reason to end this “party” I had been having with my best friend Jeff. We had been celebrating […]

Sister-in-law’s Ass

It all started five years ago. My wife and I were on vacation with her sister and her husband, and another couple. One morning we were all loading into the shuttle van that was taking us to the beach. We were not the only ones waiting to get on so I went to the last […]

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