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When I Came Home Early

I was finally going home. It was about 10:00 at night, I had just gotten off work, early if I recall, and was heading back to my house for a night of easy sleep. A bit about myself though, I am 22 years old, and I work on call, 24/7. I am 6’6″ and weigh […]

How To Use Erotic Hypnosis

Erotic Hypnosis can make sex even more fun than you already know about. It is very erotic to be either directed or do the directing. Especially if the actions are without prejudgment. First, let me make one thing very clear. You will not do what I do in my stories. What you will do is […]

Four Meet In Hotel

A few years ago, Sue and I used to chat to other couples on the internet. It was great to fantasise. This is one of my first stories that came from these nice chats. I hope you like it. Our room was extremely luxurious. The bed was king size, more than ample for our needs. […]

My Dick Fell In Your Sister

I tripped down the stairs and my dick fell in your sister. I’m not proud of myself. But I won’t spout that ‘it just happened’ bullshit. I take full responsibility for my actions. I’m not dumb enough to try to sell my wife some flat out lie where I tripped down the stairs and somehow […]

Linda’s Honeymoon

The Wedding was beautiful, all of our planning had paid off when everything went without a hitch. We had spent months making the arrangements and now we were at the Reception Hall of a beautiful hotel and all of our guests were enjoying themselves. Rob was the best looking guy there and we both were […]

Your son, my lover

“What are you staring at?” said Julie as she came up silent on slippered feet beside her friend Elaine, who was gazing out of the picture window. Elaine turned with a smile. “Nothing much. My future, I suppose.” “Future, huh? And what do you see?” “Loneliness.” “Why? You’re still young.” “Forty next birthday, divorced for […]

Lucky You

I’m just your average guy that is 38 years old. I have a great job as a professional. I’m a little overweight, but not fat, I have two sons and just went through a terrible divorce last year. It took 14 months for me to get rid of my ex-wife but I have been great […]

My Daughter’s Best Friend

It didn’t hurt as much any more. I could go days with out thinking about Donna, and how things used to be. Donna my wife died two years ago when the Geo Tracker she was driving was run over by an eighteen wheeler. Now it’s me and my eighteen year old daughter Heather. My name […]

Cum Burger

“Your total is eleven thirty-thr…,” the indifferent feminine voice halted for a moment while she regained her composure. After a few seconds, she continued, “never mind.” The momentary surprise on her ugly face was nothing compared to the shame evident on mine. Working the late night had turned into one this drive through attendant would […]

Midnight Stroke

Oh, I’m so tired, what a trip home”. These were not the kind of words I wanted to hear as she walked into the house. “There was stop and go traffic through the construction area, then some asshole cut me off and gave me the finger. What’s for dinner babe”? I decided to try and […]

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