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Oral Sex While Sleeping

This story is totally fiction, although I really wish it was true. I have never had male to male sex but am still very curious to try it, even though I am much older now. My name is Dave and I am 25 years old and unmarried. I have had several girlfriends some of which […]

A Wife That Watches

It all started with my wife and I confessing to each other our fantasies. My wife’s name is Louise. Louise and I were talking one night and we wanted to tell each other our deepest, darkest secrets. So, I admitted to her that some of my first sexual experiences were with another guy. She seemed […]

Being the Bitch

“That will be fifty dollars even, Mr. Stevens,” said the cable man. His name was Jack and he was tall and built and tanned all over. His raven’s-black hair was combed back and his blue eyes looked me over. I’m not bad looking either. I’m in good shape and have short brown hair and eyes. […]

Giving My Friend a Blowjob

I was staying the night at my buddy’s house one weekend. His parents went to some event at a town a few hours drive away so me and him had the house to ourselves for the whole weekend. We played video games and watched TV and just had good fun. This was several years ago. […]

My Friend’s Dad

My best friend’s name was Gary. We met in 5th grade and hung out until we both went off to college. He went to Austin and I went to Dallas. I had a steady girlfriend then, so I was getting laid regularly When I went off to college and left my hometown, the only sex […]

Husband Becomes Gay Slave

I am a married male who was seeking a little bi fun. I responded to an ad I found on the internet. There were 2 bi guys looking for a third. They were dominant and it worked out that I was submissive. We chatted on the phone a few times and I felt good about […]

My Uncle’s Cock

I’m a young guy who is in most aspects straight, but I do have a bi side. I like to say I’m straight, just horny for dick sometimes. I’ve been writing stories about some of my experiences because I have a little spare time and it’s fun. All these stories are true and happened in […]

Man oh Man

I don’t know how long the kiss lasted , but when I finally pulled back I felt something had been agreed between us, something deep and special. I looked down, and a slight smile came to my face, “I don’t know about you, Stephen, but I think I need a shower” I said, and turning, […]

Daddy Next Door

Nick was just a regular 19-year-old guy, he was pretty lean with a completely smooth swimmers tanned body. He also happened to be gay and had been dreaming about his next door neighbor for weeks, since he had moved in. James was a single 34-year-old big muscular man who lived alone. He had decided to […]

Sex at the Men’s Club

We have a local Men’s Club/Bathhouse that I usually go to meet a friend. Typical bathhouse with a steam room, a couple of video rooms, open showers, outdoor swimming pool and jaccuzzi, and plenty of private rooms for play. For a few hours we get a private room to play. It’s cheaper than renting a […]

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