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Fat Cock Part 1

It’s a hot day – typical summer day for San Francisco… Took the day off – I couldn’t stand walking around the city on such weather… So I’m all alone at home, all naked, laying on the sofa in the living and watching some music TV channel. Occasionally, as some of the videos turn hot, […]

Master Massage by Athlete-Gay stories

Beverly waits until our second drink to say, “Lee, you said you wanted to talk, what is on your mind.” I trust Beverly she is my closest friend. We lived together for a couple of years, then broke up last year in 1974, deciding we like being friends more than being a couple. Occasionally, if […]

Vinny’s Cock is Showin’

I felt guilt-ridden, taking pleasure from staring at the cute guy’s cock. In any case, I reasoned, it was his own fault for wearing a wide-legged, boxer-style swimsuit; and therefore, I was entitled to continue admiring his jewels with impunity. It was very early when I got to the beach. There was hardly anybody else […]

Three Men and a Motel-Gay story

The three men rode along in total silence, as if they were going to the dentist. Each could not believe in a matter of minutes they would be doing the unthinkable. Holding another man’s cock, taking it in their mouths, and maybe even having their butts stretched by a firm eight incher. It had all […]

Dicks Fuck Better Than Carrots

This is a direct sequel to ‘Dicks Feel Better Than Carrots’. The steaming hot water was running over my naked, slim body. I turned the water off so I could soap my body. I started with my flat chest and slender arms, then I washed my back. I have relatively long arms so with a […]

My First Taste Of Cum

What started for me as a slip of the tongue resulted with my tongue tasting something I never thought it would. John was a casual acquaintance of mine. We had one common interest: old classic cars. One day he pulled up in my driveway in a 1964 Corvette in mint condition. John was a small […]

Staring at Cocks-Gay stories

I always thought of myself as a woman only kind of guy. I am not sure what happened but for the past year I have had the urge to be with a man. I was seeing a woman but it was an on and off sort of thing. I would see some guys working out […]

Cock Watcher-Gay story

I don’t know when it all started, my loving to look at men’s cocks. It probably started out of curiosity to see if other men’s cocks were bigger than mine. I have over seven inches of man-meat swinging between my legs so I am not ashamed of what I have, it was just I liked […]

Tom, Peeping-Gay story

When I and my wife divorced, I went my way and she went hers. She had her problems, mostly a lack of veracity, commitment and fidelity. I got an apartment and licked my wounds. I wondered if there was something wrong with me. My ex-wife was the only relationship that lasted longer than a year. […]

My Encounter with a Huge Dick

When he first turned to face my direction in the shower, I was shocked! He was an average-sized guy, fit, slim, maybe 5’11” tall. His body was mostly hairless, his butt really small. But his flaccid penis, hanging loosely, well down between his thighs, was simply enormous, at least seven or eight inches long, probably […]

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