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Surprise! I’m Gay & I Love It

Carl is the type of black man that white women fantasize about having sex with. He’s tall, muscular, very dark skinned, 36 years old with a shaved head and strong African features. I am a tall, slim 48 year old white guy who looks much younger than his age. I met Carl while playing on […]

Turned Gay at the Massage Parlour

This is the story of how I went to a massage parlour for a blowjob and got something quite different. I’m an average looking guy, about average height for a fellow in his mid thirties. I have an average job; I’m a paralegal. I consider myself straight, but I will admit that I’m bi-curious, at […]

Man to Man-Gay Story

I throw a towel over a shoulder and head toward the shower stalls off a hallway behind the men’s locker room. My footfalls are light, but still there’s a faint echo off the clean tiled walls as I walk, my feet sticking lightly to the tacky tiled floor. Turning right, I stride in front of […]

Locker Room Gangbang-Gay Story

One minute I was sitting alone in the locker room, the next I was surrounded by five guys. I had no idea what was happening, but I was defiantly scared. “What’s your name?” One of them asked. “Eric.” I responded, my voice shaking a little. “Well Eric, here’s the deal, my name is Mike, and […]

Anonymous Dick-Gay Story

If we met at the pub or a ballgame, I think you wouldn’t think twice about me. Maybe a “seems like a nice chap” or “he really likes his sport” but nothing memorable, nothing of substance. A regular guy, with an ever diminishing hairline, not in bad shape but certainly not a gym rat, probably […]

How I Became Gay

It’s been years since I’ve been on the Internet regularly for sex/porn but recently I’ve been motivated by what I’ve seen to write about my first homosexual experience, which happened about 8 years ago, when I was 22. I met Steve in a chat room. He lives a few towns away. He was 38 and […]

First Taste of Cock-Gay Stories

My latest bondage creation has got to be my finest. It has all the components necessary to make both the slave and the master very happy. I started with some square tube steel; forming it into an upside down “Y” with a crossbar two thirds of the way up the leg of the Y. Both […]

I Used to be Straight-Gay story

I was a little lost when my wife of 15 years divorced me, so I moved back to Charlotte, North Carolina to be closer to my family. One Sunday, we had a family reunion and I sat on a blanket eating chicken and potato salad when jet black 325i BMW pulled into the parking lot. […]

I Was A Teenage Cocksucker

It’s hard being the only gay kid in a small high school. It was especially hard before my I went to college; I had just turned nineteen. I am actually bisexual, but to my classmates, being bisexual would have been as bad as being gay. Besides, I was much more interested in guys than girls […]

Cock Watcher

I don’t know when it all started, my loving to look at men’s cocks. It probably started out of curiosity to see if other men’s cocks were bigger than mine. I have over seven inches of man-meat swinging between my legs so I am not ashamed of what I have, it was just I liked […]

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