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School Exam

Sara was 18 years old. A beautiful young girl. She was getting ready to join the cheerleading squad at school, and for this she needed to get a physical done and have an approval from her doctor that she was in good health. Her mom made an appointment to take her in. Her mother told […]

A Beautiful Fuck

There is one sexual experience I will never forget, and will always be one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I was young and horny; it was when I lost my virginity. It was a warm Monday afternoon in late May, and everybody was anxious for the coming summer. As I stepped onto […]

Virgin’s Lessons

When I was younger my best mate was Stuart, and he had a sister called Stephanie, she was 18 years old and a quiet sort, she was thin and pretty, with brown hair and hazel eyes that would look down at the ground or to the walls when talking to you, a shyness that would […]

Constance’s First Blowjob

A post about women and blowjobs caught my eye on an online forum recently. It asked women about their first time giving head, if they swallowed and if they enjoyed it. At first, I just clicked past it. Pausing, I clicked the back button. OK, I thought, I’ll simply write a quick reply to the […]

Her New Bra

Kimberly O’ Brien was stretching before gym class started. All the guys in the class couldn’t help but watch as Kimberly stretched. Even the girls eyed Kimberly’s stretching. This was an everyday event for the guys and girls to watch Kimberly stretch. The 18-year-old had a massive bust. Kimberly would notice her fellow gym students […]

Pound Yon Virgin

Author’s Note: The events described herein happened when I was eighteen, and a virgin. Yes, that dirty old man St. Nick turned me into a trick. He made me ride his “north pole” like a cowgirl and he slid down my hot little chimney. But I never did get all the presents he promised me […]

An Unforgettable Weekend

Becky was breathing deeply and fighting the sensations taking over her body and at first she didn’t think she heard Tricia correctly. Jokingly, Becky said, “Am I getting a special treatment?” Tricia laughed and said, “I usually do the front as well, we just ran out of time yesterday. But I’ll see what I can […]

Lady Next Door

The lady next door, Ms. Johnson, asked me to clean her pool every week. It was no big deal because the machine did all the work — I just had to push it around a little and empty the filter tray when I was through. I enjoyed it though because sometimes she would be swimming […]

My Tuition Teacher

Hi All, I am Reshma, born and brought up in kerala, a state n India. I was 18 when I had my first sexual experience. I am narrating that below. It was a rainy day. Rain is unusual in February in Kerala. I was going to my tuition teacher’s house about 2km from my house […]

Exchanging Fluids

To say that Jamie was frustrated was to put it mildly. An 18 year old high school senior on spring break, both his parents were at work all day, leaving him alone with Tatiana, the incredibly gorgeous Russian exchange student they were hosting. Blonde, blue-eyed and buxom, the 5’5″ college student had the poor 5’9″ […]

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