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Lost Virginity

“No, Sean, I think I would like that.” He softly placed his slightly parted lips to hers. He gently brushed her lips with his tongue. Her tongue met his and they touched each other and played for a bit. He pulled back. He stared at her. “Did you feel that?” “I think so Sean, what […]

C is for Clitoris

As Bree approached her 25th birthday, she looked towards it as just another day. Another day of being a “loner” as she’d been labeled, though in truth it was a self-imposed sentence. She was certainly attractive enough, not a beauty queen no, but certainly considered cute under any circumstances. Bree wore her long dishwater blonde […]

Doctor Knows Best

It’s a normal working day at Doctor K’s clinic. She just finished examining a 20 year old college student complaining about chest congestion. It was getting late into the evening there were 2 patients still waiting to see her, the nurse calls in Jenny, after about 10 minutes it’s the last patient of the day […]

Ela’s First Time

Ela concentrated on the pale paving stones. They had been worn smooth by generations of feet. She stepped slowly from one stone to another, not looking up. She felt very alone, even though she was surrounded by dozens of people, all of whom were celebrating. But it was not her job to dance and sing […]

Janie Shaves Her Pussy

OK, you couldn’t really call Janie “Beautiful.” She had mousy blondish brown hair, deep set eyes and kinda cone shaped little tits. No, you wouldn’t brag to your pals that you took out Janie Walsh. But our families had been close friends when we lived in New York and we continued that friendship when both […]

Enjoying My First Time

Helen blinked and rubbed her forehead. God was she tired. She’d just cleaned the *Whole* house on her own. Damn parents had gone off on holiday with her little sister and not even *thought* to clean up after themselves. Sighing, she settled down into the sofa, propping her toned legs up on the mahogany coffee […]

Wife’s First Swallow

What turned my wife into a blowjob specialist? I ask my wife the other night what made her crave sucking cock so much and this is what she told me. First off she is a master of blowjobs. She says that sucking cock can actually bring her close to an orgasm. It doesn’t matter, stranger […]

Sister is My First

It was the first week of June and school was out for the summer, I was 18 and had just finished my senior year. One night while we were eating dinner, My Mom and step dad informed me that they were going away for two weeks. When they got married they did not go on […]

Hot Tub Virgin

Hot day, hot sun. Communal pool. I lie back, dark mirror sunglasses, brown skin warms in the sun. She is there. Young, innocent. She has never been with a man before. Doesn’t even know what it is like, has never even considered the possibilities. She stands at the water’s edge in front of me. Blue […]

Young Sex

Then she inserted my penis into her. She was slow and careful. I reached out and held her by her hips to assist her as she sat down on top of my lap. Soon she had sat down and I was in her up to the base of my penis, my pubic hair tickling hers […]

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