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Sexual Chemistry

I was dragging my feet behind me. I really didn’t want to go home. I had a note from my chemistry teacher that I was dreading having to show to my dad. I felt like a failure. All my life it had only been my dad and me. He’d done everything for me to give […]

First Time Topless

It was such a silly ritual, really. The girls in the group all acted like they didn’t care, the boys all pretended that they didn’t notice, but somehow the thought of even trying it scared her witless. She had come into the group when she started going out with Rob. There was a culture in […]

First Taste of Sex

I was eighteen the first time I made love to a woman, and I was lucky enough for it to be with my best friend. Her name was Anna, and we had known each other practically since birth. Through the years I watched her blossom into a beautiful young woman, and I had spent plenty […]

A Virgin’s Seduction

“Allie honey, I’m on my way out. Hopefully the conference won’t last too long so I won’t back late tomorrow. My roommate Jessica called as she walked out the door, lugging a large piece of leopard print rolling luggage. She and I had been rooming together since I’d started at the university last fall. She […]

Teasing Til It Hurts

More than two years before I’d met Natalia through a mutual friend, and after nearly six months of almost intolerable teasing I finally got her to go out with me. That wasn’t easy to go through either; it was our fourth date before she even kissed me, and that was on the cheek. More than […]

Candy’s First Orgasm

She reached underneath me and caressed my balls, then whispered in my ear, “Cum for me now I want to feel your cum.” I was completely aroused and overheated with both of our bodies covered in sweat but I told her no, I wanted to wait for her, I said, “Cum with me baby, let’s […]

Her First Facial

I had been seeing Sandy off and on for just over a year. Sex was absolutely great with her. She would make love to me with her stunning body like the world was going to end when we finished. Her long brown wavy hair was always spread around so sexily. Her moans and words of […]

First Sex… and More

AS ALWAYS, A COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY TRUE STORY: Forgive me if this doesn’t make the best reading material. I certainly have better stories to tell in the future, but seeing as I’m writing them in chronological order, this needs to be my second story. Also the events that occurred on this day played a pivotal […]

A Rainy Evening

She tried to teach me to say her Chinese name. My third attempt drew a smile, but I couldn’t tell if I’d succeeded or if she’d just given up. It was probably hopeless; I could only hear about half of what she was saying. The pub was noisy and I hadn’t quite tuned in to […]

A Surprising Massage

As a massage therapist I’ve learned to take any clients I can get, so I jumped at the last minute appointment call I got when my three o’clock cancelled on me. He asked the usual questions, but then also seemed to be specifically interested in making sure he his privates would be well covered. Considering […]

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