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Cum Crazy

I came home from work today to find my sexy wife laying in bed with wet panties on as I got closer to her I could see white cum all over her thighs. I knew right away that she had been fucking someone right before I got home she knew that I couldn’t resist sucking […]

I’m Her Butt Slut

Whether it’s her finger in my ass while she gives me one of her fantastically intense blowjobs, or her strap-on shoved inside of me as she makes me her bitch, I just love it when she gets to work on my ass. She doesn’t do it often, but when she does, she goes all out. […]

Cum Addiction

My first cum party went better than I ever could have imagined. I got covered and filled with more of that delicious, sticky, sweet jizz than I ever though I could be. It quenched my thirst for a while, but pretty soon the craving was back, and stronger than ever. By now, I was sure […]

My Wife Enjoys a New Hobby

I’m your basic suburban family man with a loving wife and two teenage children. To an outsider, our lives appear the classic “Leave it to Beaver” picture of domestic tranquility; nice house in the suburbs, good jobs, great kids, Sunday afternoon barbecues, and white picket fences. But in the bedroom, our sex life has recently […]

Cuckold – The Wive’s Tale

The following story contains creampie, watersports and cuckold themes, if its not for you then please choose another story (no offence taken). Still here – good! I hope you enjoy – I did! The wives tale: First of all, I do love my husband, and I’m not a bad person (least I don’t think so […]

Forced to Pee

It was late autumn, the day of my little sister’s back to school pool party. College was but a memory to me, but in honor of Samantha starting her first year at state, I had dutifully attended her little fiesta, complete with the appropriate “themed” attire. Actually, I’m not sure how appropriate it was but […]

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