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Dirty Filthy Fucking

Fred lay on his back on his palatial bed. He was lying naked. His body freshly oiled and taut after the workout. His big thick cock was erect and throbbing. He had a glass of champagne in his hand and was sipping it gently, savoring the dry fruity taste of and the sight in front […]

Pussy Pump…

Pussy Pump…the Ultimate Pain/Pleasure Toy I met Janine in a bar in New York. She told me that she was 24, and we spent the night getting drunk and flirting with each other. She was about 5’11” with big blue eyes, pouty lips, and full blonde hair, and she allowed me to notice her beautifully […]

Mother-in-law Panty Fun

Evan lifted the hamper top and began rummaging through his mother-in-laws dirty clothes. Almost instantly he found what he was looking for. A pair of his sexy mother-in-law’s dirty silky panties! They were full cut bright green with a wide lace waistband and cute lace trim around the leg openings. A nice pussy stain was […]

Addicted to Cum

I’m addicted to cum, the taste, the texture, the smell, the stickiness, everything. And I have my wife to thank for that. She’d read somewhere about guys eating their own cum from the pussies of women they’d just fucked and what a powerful aphrodisiac it was for the women. Not so much the men because […]

Frustrated Milky Breasts

This is my friend’s experience, while she was breast feeding, and is told in her own words to me… I love the way my breasts look. They are large and full looking with big sticky-out nipples. What’s more they are full of milk – too much milk! I gave birth to a baby about six […]

Babysitting Slut

It was almost five when her cell phone started ringing, five o’ clock. Time for Law and Order to start… she could ignore the phone, let it go to voicemail… but instead sighing and stabbing at the mute button on the TV controller Jillian answered the call after noticing that it was the house number […]

Homemade Pie

Before I continue with my story I will introduce you to myself. My name is Alan and I am forty three years old. I have been married to Pam for twenty years now and we are both happy with each other. We have never had any children. This year Pam turned forty and still looks […]

Hubby’s Wish

My husband Tommy and I have always been a very open and honest couple. Our honesty extends to all aspects of our marriage including our sex life. We always take the time to share our fantasies with each other and make every effort possible to help the other person’s fantasy come to life. My name […]

Cum Filled Panties

For years I had kept a very private secret. I had run the gauntlet emotionally because of it too. Sometimes forcing myself to abstain, thinking it wrong, bizarre, even disgusting as many would see it. But eventually, I’d give in to the urge, usually resulting in a frenzy of activity in order to satisfy what […]

Virgin Melons

I squeezed Tara’s large D cup tits around my cock and started sliding it up and down between her soft, slippery melons. I loved titty fucking my girlfriend Tara. She had nice, large D cups, with big red nipples and medium sized areolas. All attached to a perfectly slim, hourglass figured. I rode my girlfriend’s […]

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