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A Fetish Discovered

I didn’t hear her come in. Now she stood at the side of the bed horrified at the sight before her. I was naked on all fours wearing stockings and a sexy thong which had been pushed aside to make way for the 8 inch plastic cock that was, at that moment, buried in my […]

Pee On Me

Hot, steamy streams of water from the shower-head hit Jay and Rita’s bodies making them feel warm, wet and increasingly relaxed. When they looked into one another’s eyes, the love they saw there was clearly evident. Holding onto the wall for support, Rita leaned in and drew his mouth to hers, her breathing beginning to […]

My Panty Fetish

Panties! Does that word make all you men get an erection! Men have no idea how wet a pair of panties can become after a work out at the fitness centre. Or maybe they do!! In the changing room are lovely girls peeling off their panties which have accumulated sweat, pussy juice and other fluids […]

My Neighbour Sally’s Panties

My name is Will, I’m living in England, with my parents and have been out of high school for a month now. I’m just a normal 18 male, who until last month, didn’t have a story to tell. But that was a month ago. We’ve been neighbours with the Barrow’s for nearly 8 years now, […]

A Pie From The Mother

I met Caitlin in a night club when we were both aged nineteen. We quickly fell madly in love with each other and within three months we had set up our first home together. Life was great to start with; we were young, in love and could not get enough of each other. However as […]

Pee’ing in Love

During the drive to his house, which takes about 45 minute, I realized I should have gone to the restroom at the restaurant before we left. As we walked up to the front door I really had to pee, and I knew that when we walked inside into the warm air I would just about […]

Little Sister Squirt

I’d been fucking Carla for a good number of years. Nothing serious, mind you, just off and on. She was one of those ugly girls that have trouble finding her own regular fuck, you know? Jacked up teeth, glasses, face that looks a little like a mouse. But she was small and built to rock, […]

Popping Cherries

Friday at lunchtime in Chad David’s classroom, he was looking over his lesson plan for the last three periods of the day. “Mr. David?” a shy voice in his doorway made him look up, standing there looking very nervous and hesitant was Clarissa, one of his favorite former students. The 40 year old teacher smiled […]

Anal and Enema

I awake to the familiar warm wet feeling of Mara’s mouth toying and licking my limp dick as she plays under the covers of our bed. She likes to wake me up like this; it pretty much guarantees that I wake up in a good mood. I pretend that I’m still asleep so she will […]

Cleaning Up Cum

I came home early the other day from work and I heard strange noise’s coming from my bedroom. I went upstairs and peeked around the corner. I saw my wife Kim on the bed. She was on her hands and knees with a big fat cock sticking in her mouth while she was being fucked […]

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