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Public Transport

Camelia couldn’t wait to get home. Clutching her Gucci handbag firmly and clicking her Manolo Blanhik stilettos maniacally against the concrete, she waited impatiently for the public bus to arrive. She normally took a cab, but, inexplicably, she wanted to take the bus today. Perhaps her lapsed choice in public transport was due to the […]

A Housewife’s Panties

CHAPTER 1 Let me say at the very beginning that Lora was not a beautiful woman. Only when the light and the expression on her face were just right could she appear rather attractive. But then, on second glance a moment later, she would be the plainest looking of females. I did not find her […]

Piss In The Park

My name is Ron and am a very kinky horny 36 yr old that loves to watch and drink girls pee. The story starts with me heading to a community park that has washrooms at the end of the park. It was one of those hot summer days where you find all sorts of girls […]

A Leather Ass Lick

One night I was chatting with my Mother. She had recently asked me about Greg my best friend at that time as well. “Does Greg still like you?” She asked one night. No I answered why? “Well I know he likes to spend the night and all… and I realize you two aren’t …active that […]

Caught and Put in Lingerie!

My name is Steve. I am a 27 year old salesman who travels around the north east US selling garden tools and supplies to department stores. This means I am frequently in hotels for a few nights a week. I tend to prefer the Courtyard Marriott style hotel – simpler, cheaper, and comfortable. I am […]

My New Piss Whore Simone

“Can you bring me a roll of toilet paper please?” I get a roll from the hall closet and bring it into you in the bathroom. The sight before me makes me stop in my tracks. You’re not sitting on the toilet, but instead, on one of those camping toilets, which is basically a toilet […]

Cum-mania at the Gloryhole

Well, I guess I just can’t resist my girl friends imagination. She comes up with these ideas that wind up driving both of us nuts. She keeps thinking of different ways for the both of us to load our mouths with cum. Last time she got filled with cum in all her holes and I […]

Grateful Slave

He was already laying in bed naked when I entered the room. A candle was lit and the faint sound of the ocean could be heard in the background. He had been waiting for me; and luckily, I was right on time. My master dislikes tardiness. It would have resulted in severe punishment. “You got […]

Liquid Shower

Collette and I hadn’t participated in any scenes with Jeff & Rebecca or Lisa & Scott for a while. The kids had been a handful lately and our parents always seemed to be too busy to babysit them. We were having plenty of straight sex almost every night but there was no spontaneity to it. […]

His First Taste of the Real Thing

My girlfriend, Angie, has been dressing me in women’s lingerie and pegging me with her strap on dildo for a couple years now. It started with an occasional pair of satin panties and quickly moved to sexy little nighties, stockings and painted toenails. As bad as I hate to admit it, I absolutely love it. […]

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